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Beyond the Sea: A Journey Inside Egypt’s Fish Markets

January 28, 2021
Credit: Nour Aboughaly

Have you ever been to a fish market in Egypt before? The answer is most probably no. Yet Nour Aboughaly, young Egyptian photographer, is giving you the chance to delve into the unseen worlds of Egypt. For her graduation project, Aboughaly decided to go on a journey to discover the fish markets of Egypt, which as represents one of the main sources of income for many Egyptians and as a result led to the creation of different marketplaces, each depending on the culture and the traditions of every different city. Seeing these unseen worlds through her lens, Aboughaly traveled to four different cities: Port- Said, El-Manzala, Damietta and Alexandria to observe and document the differences. “I started my journey in my hometown, Alexandria. I got ready at 4:30 in the morning to catch the famous auctions taking place in El Anfushi fish market in Alexandria. It was still dark outside and the streets were quiet, but the closer I got to the market the more crowded it got until I arrived in front of it,” Aboughaly tells Egyptian Streets. “Dozens of cars and restaurant trucks parked in front of the…

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