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5 Egyptian Photographers to Watch in 2021

5 Egyptian Photographers to Watch in 2021

Photo courtesy of Malak El Sawi

In the age of Instagram, anyone can churn out visual content, but not all visual content is created equal. What sets the following artists apart is that they actually have something to say. Their ability to engage and engross onlookers with the storytelling qualities of photography inspires us to look deep beneath the surface to unearth meaning and that is what makes their work so irresistible.

Malak El Sawi


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One of the more noted Egyptian Photographers of her generation, Malak El Sawi’s work has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, GQ Middle East and Vogue Italia. Exploring themes of female sexuality and empowerment through her photography, Sawi’s work is an ode to urban womanhood.

In addition to her work as a visual artist and creative, El Sawi is also a popular DJ.

Ismail Sabet


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Only 22-years-old and already making quite the splash, Ismail Sabet has exhibited more range than most—from portraiture to editorials for big fashion magazines. His style combines this overall retro feel with edgy glam, which makes for striking visuals.

In addition to his work as a photographer, Sabet also heads the art department of Unn Models, one of the first, and, arguably, best Egyptian modeling agency.

Yussif Sherif


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This Cairo-based photographer captures more than fashion, incorporating storytelling concepts into his photoshoots to create visual commentary on contemporary issues.

Working with Egyptian fashion brands and designers, such as Mohanad Kojak and Okhtein, Sherif is slowly but surely making his mark in the scene as a capable young creative who can bring an artistic project together with just a touch of storytelling magic.

Mohsen Othman 


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One of the most prolific fashion photographers of his generation, Mohsen Othman is a jack of all visual creative trades, doing both photography and art direction.

Primarily a fashion photographer, the Egyptian artist also creates crisp, edgy editorial photography that sometimes incorporates elements of gender-bending as well as social commentary.

Moustafa El Kashef


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An enigmatic visual artist, Moustafa El Kashef’s photography is largely human-focused, capturing moods, personality, as well as the human form. A multidisciplinary artist, El Kashef is a self-proclaimed photographer, cinematographer and painter.

Recognized as one of the local art scene’s fearless and daring artists, El Kashef’s photography is generation-defining, conveying a sense of rebellion and irreverence, which makes his work even more resonant.

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