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Review of Sincerely V: a Sincere Take on Vegan Comfort Food

Review of Sincerely V: a Sincere Take on Vegan Comfort Food

Image courtesy of Sincerely V Facebook page.

Creamy, juicy, hearty and absolutely fulfilling; while some people may not necessarily associate such adjectives with full-fledged vegan meals, these are precisely the adjectives that could describe the meals served by Sincerely V. 

As the only 100 percent vegan restaurant in Cairo, Sincerely V offers a wide variety of plant-based meals including both savory and sweet options. The menu includes breakfast options, appetizers and side dishes, main meals and desserts – all of which are made up of a multitude of delicious elements that combine together to make a rather fulfilling meal. 

“I choose to eat exclusively plants because I believe it’s the optimal diet for our health,” says founder and chef Victoria on Sincerely V’s website, “I really enjoyed it, I love the challenge of making vegetables more exciting to eat.”

Grilled Veggie Walnut Pesto Sandwich. Image courtesy of Sincerely V Facebook page.

After having graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in November 2018 and completing a Plant Based Nutrition Certificate from Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies in July 2018, Victoria decided to venture into creating Cairo’s first plat-based restaurant. 

“My goal is to show how exciting eating vegetables could be. I don’t invent these recipes, but simply modify and adjust existing ones to my taste or the content of my fridge and my pantry,” she explains.

In addition to creating wonderfully vibrant and nutritious meals that are great for those wanting to explore vegan options and what one could do with a vegan diet, the items on the menu are also quite affordable for the most part. 

While vegan options are usually not the most pocket-friendly food choices, Sincerely V makes efforts to make their meals somewhat more accessible. Their appetizers or side dishes range from 30 to 70 EGP, power bowls (which are quite large in size) range between 75 to 95 EGP, wraps range between 50 to 80 EGP, snacks and drinks range between 20 to 40 EGP and desserts (mostly by Kaju) range between 55 to 100 EGP. 

Some great suggestions to start off with include the Grilled Veggie Walnut Pesto Sandwich (EGP 80), the Burrito Bowl (EGP 85) and one of their newest items, the Superfood Oat Bowl (EGP 50). When ordering, orders are usually accompanied by homemade nachos and a side of salsa. 

Burrito Bowl. Image courtesy of Sincerely V Facebook page.

The Grilled Veggie Walnut Pesto Sandwich consists of toasted sourdough bread, walnut pesto, grilled aubergine, zucchini, bell pepper, fresh greens and avocado. It is aromatic, crispy in all the right places and each individual vegetable’s flavor shines through with every bite. 

The Burrito Bowl (which also comes as a sandwich) consists of red and black beans, spiced tomato sauce, grilled bell peppers and onions, sweet corn tomato salsa and is served with brown rice and cashew cream. It is a stunningly flavorsome dish, with each element complementing the other and ultimately creating an overall fulfilling dish. According to the menu of their website, this bowl is high in fiber, protein, iron, calcium and antioxidants.

Superfood Oat Bowl. Image courtesy of Sincerely V Facebook page.

And, a new favorite for most people opting for healthier breakfast options is the Superfood Oat Bowl. This great breakfast item consists of oats and chia seeds, soaked overnight in almond milk with a dash of cinnamon and sweetened with honey, topped with fresh strawberries, bananas and crunchy superfood homemade granola. 

Essentially, Sincerely V is all about providing healthy alternatives to everyday meals, that are as delicious as they are nutritious. Although based in Maadi, they deliver all over Cairo under certain operating hours. 

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