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A Walk Through Zamalek’s Artistic Side: 5 of the Top Zamalek Art Galleries

A Walk Through Zamalek’s Artistic Side: 5 of the Top Zamalek Art Galleries

Image via Ubuntu Gallery Facebook page.

There’s always something happening or something to do at the small, but bustling island of Zamalek. Hugged by the Nile on either side, Zamalek is considered to be one of Cairo’s wealthier neighborhoods, boasting a multitude of various hotspots and ultimately attracting many people to veer towards this small metropolitan island on a daily basis. 

In addition to all the cafes, bars and restaurants,  Zamalek is also relatively known for its art scene as it is home to some of the most well known contemporary art galleries in Cairo. In fact, Zamalek seems to be quite the cultural hub in general, as it is also home to places such as the Cairo Opera House, iconic venues such as the Aisha Fahmy Palace and even Helwan’s prestigious Fine Arts University. 

It makes sense then, with hoards of art students walking its narrow streets, that the neighborhood also displays the wonderful artworks of Egypt’s talented array of contemporary artists at the various galleries located throughout the island. 

That being said, it is definitely worthwhile to take an art walk and visit some of Zamalek’s (if not all) most beloved art galleries. The following list is a mere suggestion of a few of the places from which one could get started.

Picasso Art Gallery

Image via Picasso Gallery Facebook page.

One of the oldest and most well known art galleries in Zamalek, Picasso Art Gallery regularly hosts both solo and group exhibitions of both established and emerging contemporary artists in Egypt. In addition to that, the gallery also caters to artists with its very own store right next door. The space itself consists if two moderately sized exhibition spaces. There is always something worth taking a look and musing at on display at Picasso, and its strategic location makes it a very accessible venue. 

Address: 30 Hassan Assem, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo

Demi Art Gallery

Image via Demi Gallery Facebook page.

One of the newest additions to Zamalek’s art scene, Demi Art Gallery was recently opened by renowned Egyptian contemporary artists Mohamed Damarawy. Understanding what an artist needs and deserves, he wanted to open a space that will cater to and highlight the vast and diverse talents of Egyptian artists. The gallery is currently exhibiting a solo exhibition for the great Egyptian sculptor Ahmed Askalany, entitled ‘What If?’

Address: 15 Ahmed Sabry، From Brazil St, Zamalek, Cairo

Ubuntu Art Gallery

Image via Ubuntu Gallery Facebook page.

Another relatively new gallery, Ubuntu is a quaint little space that hosts unique exhibitions. As described on their website, “The gallery derives its name from the Swahili word “ubuntu” which means “I am because we all are,” to connote a holistic concept of being. At Ubuntu Art Gallery, a belief in the interconnectedness of how Egyptian history and society influences Egyptian identity is at the core of the work being presented.” And indeed, the work displayed at Ubuntu will never fail to spark a dialogue.  

Address: 20 Hassan Sabry St، Ibn Zinky St, Zamalek, Cairo

Soma Art School and Gallery

Image via SOMA Facebook page.

Offering something slightly different as its name suggests, Soma Art School and Gallery doubles as both an art school of sorts and a gallery. As described on their Facebook page, “SOMA is an art space in Zamalek that offers an extensive educational program in visual art with an accompanying exhibition and programming agenda.” The space is both lovely and inspiring, fostering and catering to passion towards visual arts. 

Address: 3 Al Adel Abou Baker, Abu Al Feda, Zamalek, Cairo

Nout Art Gallery

Image via Nout Gallery Facebook page.

One of the classic go-to galleries in Zamalek for contemporary visual arts exhibitions, Nout Gallery is another one of those galleries that regularly hosts well worth stopping by and checking out. It is galleries such as this that truly manage to showcase the fact that contemporary Egyptian artists are well worth admiring and supporting.

Address: 12a Al Mohammed Maraashly, Zamalek, Cairo

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