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In Photos: Dive Into Africa’s Wonders and Stories

April 12, 2021
Machangulo Beach, Mozambique

There is so much to learn about Africa than just that it is “a continent with 55 countries.” To provide richer content on Africa’s facts and stories, meaningful storytelling that connects all countries, documents historical and important events, and showcases grassroots successes is how to get to uncover the true face of the dynamic continent.

Misrepresentations of issues and images of Africans in the digital age has spread widespread misinformation, with some reports citing that out of the 6-9 percent of African coverage in international media, over 60 percent of the focus revolves around terrorism, famine, disease, and political conflicts.

To overcome this, young African content creators are rising to share local content that is both purposeful and informative for global and African audiences. One of them is ‘Africa Facts Zone’, which was formed in 2013 by Isima Odeh, to create a refreshing and modern platform to share African-focused information. “The aim was to create a unique information platform that will connect Africans from all regions (East Africa, West Africa, Southern Africa and North Africa) and also connect Africans in the diaspora,” Odeh says.

“Africans need to tell their own stories in a detailed, progressive and accurate manner,” Odeh shares, “it’s very important for Africa as a continent to get more coverage on social media because it helps to shape the image of countries, continents and even organisations.”

















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