PaliRoots: The Brand Preserving Palestinian Cultural Identity By Giving Back

PaliRoots: The Brand Preserving Palestinian Cultural Identity By Giving Back

Source: PaliRoots Facebook page

With the recent violence in East Jerusalem, many have been trying to find ways to support Palestinian communities. Artists portray their feelings and activism in expressive, symbolic artworks, activists are creating content to raise awareness, and others are raising funds to support Palestinians.

PaliRoots, a fast-growing business founded in 2016, is a Palestinian brand that aims to include and design key icons of Palestinian culture in various products in order to raise awareness about Palestinian identity worldwide.

In the last four years it has managed to donate $USD 583,594.16 as a result of its partnership with seven different charities in Palestine. It also helped to fight hunger by providing 333,594 meals to feed children in need through the Middle East Charity Alliance (MECA).

“…Many people have never been to Palestine, Palestinians and others alike. Yet, there is a deep care and admiration that extends around the globe for the Palestinian identity,” says PaliRoots on their website.

Products of PaliRoots vary to include ties, jewelry, t-shirts, caps, stickers, and even masks! These products are designed with various elements that represent the Palestinian culture such as: the colours of the Palestinian flag, the cultural design of the Palestinian Kufiya, an outlined map of Palestine, and Palestine’s national flower. 


In addition to selling distincitive products inspired by Palestinian culture, PaliRoots created two charity programs to support families in Gaza. These two programs are: PaliRoots Funding Projects and PaliRoots Meals Program.

The main message PaliRoots constantly aims to spread is that “life is too short to live divided”. It aims to raise a sense of solidarity across the globe regarding the Palestinian cause through both its charity initiatives and product sales.

PaliRoots is just one example of the many initiatives and businesses that aim to support Palestine through various ways such as funding or cultural documentation. There are other platforms such as: Palestinian Stories, Eye on Palestine, Palestine’s Foundation for Heritage.


To find out more about PaliRoots, click here to visit their website or here to visit their Instagram page.

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