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Podcast: Omar Samra Almost Didn’t Make it in the Atlantic

May 16, 2021
Omar Samra. Illustration by Noran Morsi.
Omar Samra. Illustration by Noran Morsi.

For The Egyptian Streets Podcast’s last episode of the first season, Omar Samra wraps up the season with thrilling stories of adventure and loss.
Omar Samra is a household name by now, he’s the first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest and to achieve many adventuring milestones including skiing the North and South poles.

Joined by guest co-host Farida El Sharkawy, Egypt’s youngest to climb Everest Base Camp, Samra shares how his childhood contributed to his career now, what he wished he knew before he started, and the times he almost didn’t make it.

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The Egyptian Streets Podcast is taking a hiatus before the limited summer series podcast starting mid-June. Stay tuned!


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