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Get Your Groove On: 4 Music Events Happening in Cairo This Week

Get Your Groove On: 4 Music Events Happening in Cairo This Week

Photo credit: Sharmoofers

Music venues in Egypt are cautiously coming back after a slow year affected by the pandemic’s restrictions, which is good news for music enthusiasts who miss the thrill of enjoying the live music experience.

Whether you prefer popular dance tunes or relaxing jazz, you’re bound to enjoy one of these fun music events happening this week. Don’t forget to book your ticket in advance though, since spaces are limited due to social distancing restrictions.

Mohamed Abozekry at Room Art Space (Garden City)

Photo credit:Nada Elissa via

After studying in France and touring the United States with his oriental band Karkade, oud and vox player Mohamed Abozekry is back in Cairo to premiere his latest work on 18 June. Accompanied by a saxophone, percussions, keyboards, bass, and drums, the event promises to provide attendees with a unique oriental music experience.

Tickets are sold for EGP 150 via EasyKash.

Sharmoofers at Sawy Cultural Wheel

Photo credit:

Sharmoofer is, indeed, back in the house. Founded in 2012 by Ahmed Bahaa and Mohamed El-Arkan, Sharmoofers’ funny and upbeat songs have grown in popularity over the years, which is why they’re organizing four concerts on 17 and 18 June to help attendees comply with social distancing precautions.

Tickets are sold for EGP 200 via Sawy Cultural Wheel.

Cairo Symphony Orchestra A Cappella Choir at Cairo Opera House

Photo credit: A Cappella Choir

Founded in 1999 and currently under the supervision of music director Ahmed El Saedi, the A Cappella Choir performs the same songs as the standard choir, excluding operatic works. In its 62nd season, the choir comprises an impressive group of professional singers who will perform at the Fountain Theater on 19 June.

Ticket prices range between EGP 110 and EGP 60 depending on the seat, and they are available through TicketsMall.

The Sinatras and Nightshift at Room Art Space (New Cairo)

Photo credit: The Sinatras
Photo credit: Nightshift

Room Art Space is debuting its first-ever Room Big Nights event on 18 June with the help of Frank Sinatra jazz tribute band The Sinatras and blues and funk band Nightshift. With a collection of nostalgic songs and uplifting funky tunes, it’s best to put on your dancing shoes for this one.

Tickets are sold for EGP 200 via EasyKash.

Egyptian Streets does not recommend going to public events if you have not been vaccinated. If you or those you have come across recently have been exposed to COVID-19, it is prudent that you stay home to keep yourself and others safe. If you haven’t been vaccinated, you should reconsider attending public events for your safety and the safety of others.

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