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6 Top Honeymoon Destinations in Egypt

July 6, 2021
A beach resort in Hurghada Photo via Global Grasshopper
A beach resort in Hurghada. Photo via Global Grasshopper

Growing up in an Egyptian family, most women are told “you will only be allowed to travel when you’re married”, or “you can only wear this on your honeymoon”. Accordingly, many grow up looking forward to their honeymoon; a trip of a lifetime with no restrictions whatsoever. Moreover, many grooms even prefer to not have a wedding, save that money, and travel with it.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions which were imposed worldwide during the last year and a half, many couples started looking for alternatives to traveling outside Egypt. Although some of the best beaches in the world are located in Egypt, many couples never considered it prior to COVID.

Deciding to have your honeymoon in Egypt can be the best decision you make. Not only can it be more affordable, but it could also give you the chance to travel to more than one destination because many areas tend to be in proximity to one another.

To make the decision easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best honeymoon destinations in Egypt, and which one (or two) you should pick depending on your preferences and what you’re looking for. We’ve included tentative pricing for each destination, but do check honeymoon packages while you research because they make a difference.

Sahl Hasheesh

Tropitel at Sahl Hasheesh. Photo via Global Travel International

This is usually the most popular option. With its “Adults Only” hotels, it sets the mood for a perfect honeymoon getaway. They have multiple water activities, from snorkeling to diving to enjoying the glass boat; the water is extremely clear and has a multitude of different species of colorful fish and pretty corals. In addition to the mesmerizing beach views, there are night shows and mini-concerts in the hotels that are specially made for couples with best couple dance competitions. If you feel like staying in – almost all the hotels are all inclusive – breakfast, lunch and dinner, with unlimited snacks and soft drinks.

Sahl Hasheesh also has a corniche where couples can rent out vintage cars or scooters, and enjoy a ride for themselves. Then, there is the option of going on separate trips by speed boat to spend a full day on an island, with bonfire, barbeque, and music for entertainment

The price range for one night at a hotel or resort in Sahl Hasheeh would be an approximate of EGP 2,000 to EGP 4,000 (USD 127 to USD 255).


Photo via Digital Nomads

Located in South Sinai, Dahab is a good option for couples looking to relax and enjoy the simple life. It’s quiet, serene, and will make you feel isolated from the bustling city. If you’re into water sports, you can enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling, and if you’re not, then you can enjoy sunbathing in the company of your significant other along the shore and the breathtaking scenery. In Dahab itself, there are destinations that you must visit: go for a sunset trip on a camel to the Blue Lagoon, stay overnight at a bedouin camp in Ras Abu Galum and watch the stars at night, or take a dive into Dahab’s most famous dive site, the Blue Hole.

The price range for one night in Dahab can start from an average of EGP 600 (USD 38) and go up to EGP 1,500 (USD 96), depending on the facilities included and the ratings.

Siwa Oasis

Mineral springs in Siwa
Photo via Rove.me

Amid countless palm trees and hot springs, Siwa Oasis is situated 350 miles away from Cairo. It’s famous for its salt lakes, its natural springs, and its distinctive desert. Siwa Oasis is a very unique choice for a honeymoon for those seeking an alternate experience. Nevertheless, it’s best to visit Siwa between October and April; that’s when the weather is more convenient.

Cleopatra’s bath is one of the most popular landmarks in Siwa; a natural spring that you can jump right in, or sit and relax in the shaded area next to it. Siwa’s stunningly beautiful salt lakes are another must visit. They are believed to have health benefits and provide for attractive scenery. You should also visit Siwa’s luxurious eco-lodge Adrere Amellal: it’s hand-built, has no electricity, and the rooms are softly lit by candlelight.

Siwa has resorts and lodges for an average of EGP 700 (USD 45) per night.


A Nile cruise in Aswan. Photo via Lonely Planet

As a personal opinion, Aswan is one of the best governorates in Egypt. It has the friendliest and most hospitable people, and almost all your travel in the city is carried through the Nile. Thus, the trip from one place to another is an experience on its own. Although it isn’t a common recommendation for a honeymoon destination, the city features countless properties with a Nile view, and is home to warm, helpful people. It is also home to countless historical sites. Aswan gives you a chance to experience the beauty of the Nile on a felucca, without the noise and crowd that comes with it in busier cities like Cairo.

If your budget will let you, Old Cataract is a one-of-a-kind experience! And if you’re on a budget, you can visit the five-star hotel for morning tea, enjoy the view and take a tour in this charming vintage 5-star masterpiece. If your honeymoon is in the summer, avoid Aswan because the weather’s too warm between June and September.

There are mid-range hotels ranging from EGP 700 to EGP 800 (USD 45 to USD 51) per night, and budget hotels and guesthouses for more affordable prices. However, the more luxurious hotels like Sofitel Legend Old Cataract and Movenpick have a higher price range.

El Gouna

Sheraton Miramar Resort. Photo via Tripadvisor

In the past few years, El Gouna has become one of the most popular destinations in Egypt. Although it’s more expensive compared to other places in Egypt, it has its own charm and attractions. The streets, the restaurants, hotels, and even the lagoon, all make you feel like you’ve visited a totally different country altogether. From beach parties and canoeing and kayaking tours, to aerial sightseeing and fishing, Gouna has a wide range of activities. More so, the nightlife in Gouna is vibrant, with plenty of night lounges and night clubs. It’s also very close to Hurghada, so you can take a day trip and come back.

The price range for a night in Gouna would be around EGP 1,500 to EGP 2,000 (USD 96 to USD 127), and that’s during summer when it’s the high season.


Photo via Wow Travel Egypt

Hurghada is one of Egypt’s oldest holiday and honeymoon destinations, for Egyptians and international tourists alike. If you’re a couple not keen on diving, you can still experience the best of the Red Sea’s beautiful corals by taking a boat trip to the Giftun Islands and snorkeling among the best of the Red Sea’s corals. You can also enjoy a safari and a bedouin dinner with an oriental show, along with riding beach buggies to reach there. Hurghada’s beaches are exceptional, and at night, you can take a stroll at the Hurghada Marina Boulevard.

The price range for a night in Hurghada would be around EGP 2,700 to EGP 3,000 (USD 172 to USD 191), also during the high season.

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