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Support Animal Welfare in Egypt Through These 5 Dog Shelters

July 7, 2021

Animal lovers in Egypt know how dreadful life can be for Egypt’s stray animals: from sanctioned poisoning campaigns and abuse to pet abandonment and roadside accidents. Thanks to growing awareness, there is a rising interest in animal welfare in Egypt; more people are opting to adopt pets instead of buying them from shops that, more often than not, expose animals to inhumane conditions. The stigma of adopting baladi dogs and cats is also dying down due to the many awareness campaigns organized by animal welfare organizations. Dog shelters try their best to rescue mistreated, abandoned, and injured dogs, and the best way you can support their mission is through donations. All the shelters in this list are non-profit organizations and they emphasize that no amount of money donated is ever too small. Furever Rescue Foster With around 500 dogs in their shelter, Furever Rescue Foster takes in rescue cases and abandoned dogs and are constantly in need of more funding. Rescued dogs are then put up for adoption either in Egypt or abroad. Donate through: Bank transfer, Vodafone Cash, or Paypal. Donation details can be found on the Furever Rescue…

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