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Iman El Deeb Brought Her International Modeling Experience into Egypt’s UNN Model Management

July 12, 2021
Iman El Deeb.


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A post shared by IMAN ELDEEB (@camelicked)

The Egyptian Streets Podcast is BACK! Season 2 focuses on Egyptian women: QAHIRAT. The Egyptian woman is multi-faceted, creative, and absolutely powerful. Egyptian Streets is bringing you stories of 10 Egyptian women, from Cairo and the world.

The third of our 10 Qahirat is Iman El Deeb, Iman El Deeb is the founder and CEO of UNN Model Management, with a Bachelor of Fashion from Italy, and modeling experience from around the world. She speaks to host Noran Morsi about the challenges of modeling, how her interest in fashion began, and her future goals for UNN Model Management.

“Coming back to Egypt and seeing different potential models and, and meeting so many different freelancers from the industry made me feel like they just need management and support, and they can go miles from here,” said Iman El Deeb in the episode of the Egyptian Streets Podcast ‘Qahirat’ released this Sunday 11 July.

“I feel everyone should find their own niche in general. But, I feel like who I am and what I look like definitely helped a lot when it comes to modeling because especially now, when it comes to beauty standards, it’s not really about how you look like, it’s about who you are. And just the more authentic someone could be, the more special they are in fashion modeling.”

Find out more what Iman had to say by listening to the full episode above or click here to listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Pocket Casts, or Spotify.

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