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7 Brunch Spots to Visit in Cairo This Eid

July 21, 2021
Photo credit: Mo Bistro
Photo credit: Mo Bistro

Spending the Eid break by the beach is great, but there’s a certain charm to spending it in Cairo as well; the streets are empty so you can go anywhere in town in no time.

There are a lot of activities you can do in Cairo during Eid, but a wonderful activity is to go out for brunch with friends or family. These seven brunch spots are perfect for enjoying time with friends as you plan for more adventures throughout the day.

Lucille’s – Maadi and New Cairo

Photo credit: Elmenus

Don’t worry about sleeping in because Lucille’s breakfast items are served all day long. The cozy ambience is complemented by a broad menu offering various types of eggs, waffles, pancakes, and of course, the juicy burgers the diner is so famous for.

Recommended: Garden Scramble (EGP 84)
Price range: $$

Mistiqa – Sheikh Zayed and the North Coast

Photo credit: Omar El Fiky

If you’re in the mood for oriental food, look no further than Mistiqa’s small but delicious selection of fuul, eggs, and taamia. Breakfast is served until 2 pm, but even if you go later you can enjoy their variety of cold and hot mezze.

Recommended: Taamia (EGP 49)
Price range: $$

Il Mulino – Maadi and Heliopolis

Photo credit: Top10cairo.com

Both branches are known for their distinct character, with the Maadi one known as being the closest thing Egypt has to a cat café. Il Mulino is most famous for its baked goods, especially the almond biscotti served alongside their coffee.

Recommended: Turkey Brie Sandwich (EGP 94)
Price range: $$

Jones the Grocer – New Cairo and Sheikh Zayed

Photo credit: Jones the Grocer

Despite opening very recently, Australian restaurant and grocery store Jones the Grocer has captured the hearts of many with its delicious selection of cheese and cured meat platters. You can also shop for gourmet groceries to take home afterwards.

Recommended: Balsamic Glazed Burrata (EGP 142)
Price range: $$$

Granita – Zamalek

Photo credit: Mona Bassel

Located on the grounds of All Saints Cathedral, Granita’s breakfast and lunch items are delicious yet light enough to keep you energized for the rest of the day. Its relaxing atmosphere is reminiscent of older Cairo and perfect for catching up with friends in the sunlight.

Recommended: BLT Sandwich (with pastrami) (EGP 65)
Price range: $$

Lokali – Maadi

Photo credit: Elmenus

Another hidden Maadi gem, Lokali is a small eatery that boasts a variety of unique and innovative gourmet dishes, from the hummus shakshouka to the brioche french toast. Its garden seating is ideal for catching that light breeze after the afternoon sun.

Recommended: Brioche Pastrami Scramble (EGP 90)
Price range: $$

Mo Bistro – Mohandiseen, New Cairo, and Sheikh Zayed

Photo credit: Elmenus

Can’t decide between an oriental breakfast or an American one? Then go for both at Mo Bistro; the breakfast menu has everything from the sojouk quesadilla to egg bagels. They’re more famous for their lunch menu, so even if you arrive a little late you’ll guarantee a flavorful and filling meal.

Recommended: Morning Omelet (EGP 65)
Price range: $$

Price key used in this article:
$$: Moderately expensive
$$$: Expensive

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