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Eman Fendi on the Egyptian Streets Podcast: “The right look can change how you feel entirely.”

Eman Fendi on the Egyptian Streets Podcast: “The right look can change how you feel entirely.”

Eman Fendi. Illustration by Noran Morsi.

The Egyptian Streets Podcast: Season 2 focuses on Egyptian women: QAHIRAT. The Egyptian woman is multi-faceted, creative, and absolutely powerful. Egyptian Streets is bringing you stories of 10 Egyptian women, from Cairo and the world.

Eman Fendi is a celebrity fashion stylist whose work can be found on HBO Max shows like Stylish with Jenna Lyons or on celebrities across New York City.

A Brooklyn native, she speaks with host Noran Morsi about what the city means to her, what her Egyptian identity contributes, and how she maintains her confidence.

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