Egypt’s Paralympians Win Six Medals as Tokyo 2020 Day Five Wraps Up

Egypt’s Paralympians Win Six Medals as Tokyo 2020 Day Five Wraps Up

Egypt at 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. Source: Eg24 News

From inspiring performances to victories and medals, Egypt’s delegation at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics has so far performed exceptionally well.

Once again captivating the hearts of millions, Egyptian Paralympian Ibrahim Hamadtou has been one of the highlights of the games for Egyptians with his determination and skill in table tennis.

But since the beginning of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics on 24 August, 2021, all of Egypt’s medals have been in one discipline: powerlifting. As the fifth day wraps up, here are Egypt’s six medalists.

1. Fatma Omar (Silver)

Fatma Omar. Source: Paralympic’s official website

On 28 August, 2021, Fatma Omar won the silver medal in the 67-kilogram weight category, making her the first woman to win six consecutive Paralympic medals in powerlifting.

Besides already having five gold medals in Sydney 2000 Paralympics Games, IPC Powerlifting World Championships in Kuala Lumpur 2002, Athens 2004 Paralympic Games, Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, London 2012 Paralympic Games, 2014 IPC Powerlifting World Championships, and Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, this is Fatma’s first silver medal in her career since her debut in 1997.

2. Mahmoud Sabry (Silver)

Mahmoud Sabry after receiving his medal. Source: SportsBeezer

Mahmoud Sabry won his silver medal in the 72-kilogram weight category on Saturday 28 August, 2021, after defeating his British and Chinese counterparts by lifting 185 kilograms in his first attempt and 191 kilograms in his third.

“I came to Japan aiming for fifth place, or to compete for bronze. I did not expect to win the silver medal, but I made a great effort and my efforts were crowned with unexpected joy,” said Sabry to Al-Youm7.

3. Rehab Ahmed (Silver)

Source: Sports News

Rehab Ahmed won a silver medal in powerlifting and was close to winning the gold after lifting 120 kilograms in the 50-kilogram weight category.

This was not the first Paralympic medal in her career. Her first Paralympic medal was in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Paralympic Games in the women’s 50-kilogram weight category.

4. Mohammed Sobhy (Bronze)

Mohamed Sobhy with his medal. Source: Al Bashayer Coach

Mohammed Sobhy won his bronze medal in weightlifting on Saturday, 28 August 2021. Competing for the weight of 80 kilograms, Sobhy managed to win his medal by lifting 212 kilograms.

5. Sherif Othman (Silver)

Sherif Othman after receiving his medal in 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. Source: Paralympic’s official website

Despite being injured, Sherif Othman won his silver medal in the 59-kilogram weight category but was not able to break his own record from previous participation in the Paralympics (211 kilograms).

This is Othman’s first silver medal in his career apart from three previous gold medals.

6. Hany Abdelhady (Bronze)

Hany Abdelhady with his bronze medal. Source: Egypt Independent

Hany Abdelhady, 41, won a bronze medal in powerlifting for the 88-kilogram weight category on Sunday, 29 August, 2021.

Since his debut in 2007, Abdelhady has won a gold medal in London 2012 Paralympic Games in the 90-kilogram weight category.

With seven more days left in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, stay tuned to learn about the achievements of the Egyptian delegation.

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