Mohamed Elzayat Wins Egypt’s Seventh Medal at Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Mohamed Elzayat Wins Egypt’s Seventh Medal at Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Photo via FilGoal

Mohamed Elzayat, 20, has secured Egypt’s seventh medal at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics in the men’s Taekwondo -61kg K44 event. Elzayat’s achievement marks Egypt’s first non-powerlifting medal at the 2020 Paralympics.

Elzayat missed out on a chance for the gold medal against Brazil’s Nathan Torquato after sustaining an injury during his earlier semi-finals bout against Russia’s Daniil Sidorov. Elzayat’s injury saw Sidorov penalised and Elzayat crowned the victor, but meant that Elzayat was unable to compete in the gold medal event and Brazil’s Torquato was automatically awarded the gold medal.

Egypt’s delegation at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics had secured six medals so far. The 2020 Paralympics are being held from 24th of August to the 5th of September, with Egypt participating with 48 athletes.

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