In Photos: Explore the Stunning Scenery of Nuweiba, South Sinai

In Photos: Explore the Stunning Scenery of Nuweiba, South Sinai

Photo: Pinterest

Located around 470 kilometers away from Cairo in South Sinai, it’s no exaggeration to say that Nuweiba is one of Egypt’s most historically significant coastal gems – one that was reclaimed by the country on Sinai Liberation Day in 1982.

Compared to popular beach destinations like the North Coast and Ain El Sokhna, Nuweiba – along with neighboring Dahab – is considered an offbeat destination for those seeking a spiritual and calm getaway from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Most accommodation options in Nuweiba consist of primitive camps, where visitors can either opt for minimalistic huts or tents; though time spent indoors is scarce considering how beautiful the scenery is outside.

From orange and pink sunsets and night skies full of stars to tall mountains and turquoise beaches, Nuweiba is an ideal destination for any traveler willing to make the long six-hour drive from Cairo. While adrenaline-seekers can opt for hikes and treks, those aspiring to relax can stay by the beach with a good book. Put simply, the stunning destination has something for everyone.

As we bid the summer season farewell and welcome the fall breeze, we’ve gathered some photos that capture the most picturesque scenery in Nuweiba, Sinai’s crown jewel.

Photo: Pinterest
One of the camps in Nuweiba. Photo:
Nuweiba mountains. Photo: Wikimedia commons
One of the beaches in Nuweiba. Photo: Tripadvisor
One of the camps in Nuweiba. Photo: Tripadvisor


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