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Egyptian Graphic Designer’s Work Displayed at COP26 Exhibition

November 14, 2021

The Nubian Story, an audio narrative accompanied by a set of illustrations created by Egyptian graphic designer Farida Eltigi, is currently being displayed at an exhibition under the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Titled The Colour of the Climate Crisis, the exhibition strives to explore the relationship between racial justice and climate justice. Through her work, Eltigi aspires to promote social change and shed light on marginalized groups. The Nubian Story was done in collaboration with The Nubian Gallery and Nubian(Q) to help preserve and protect the endangered Nubian heritage and culture. Egyptian Streets spoke to Eltigi about the significance of her work being featured on such a prominent platform and the opportunities that may arise as a result. The Colour of the Climate Crisis exhibition examines the relationship between racial justice and climate justice. How does The Nubian Story fit in this regard? The Colour of the Climate Crisis is a great opportunity to highlight the Nubian culture, as the exhibition focuses on the relationship of Black and People of Colour and the environment. As an indigenous ethnic group of Egypt and Sudan, The Nubian…

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