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In Photos: The Egyptian Ritual of Friday Morning Breakfasts

February 25, 2022

Beyond the burdensome weight of the week and the myriad of unwelcomed surprises, there is a day where all is put to rest in Egypt. The Friday morning bliss is unmatched — no alarms are set, and the first act of self-love is paralleled with the first breakfast of the weekend. The hustle and bustle of the week is replaced with laughter and warmth.

Egyptian Streets has compiled a handful of Egyptian Friday morning breakfasts, in their pure and mouth-watering glory.

 Image Credit: Salma Ollama|   “Cooking is definitely very therapeutic for me. There is something very calming about being able to focus on something for a very specific amount of time and have all these elements be involved. Ingredients, flavor, timing, heat, and movement. Then there is the gratification of being rewarded with a delicious meal after. Friday morning breakfasts remind me of mornings at my grandmother’s house,” says Ollama.
Image Credit: Nada Habib | “My grandma always showed love towards our family through cooking. I grew up feeling most satisfied when I cook for the people I love and watch them enjoy every bite. Cooking is a form of art and expression, the more soul you put into it the more joy it will bring,” says Habib.
 Image Credit: Flavory Tales | Eman Selim |   “The best thing about Friday breakfast is that we can indulge in our breakfast food without the rush of the weekdays. Mama always gets us Ful and Taameya, a personal favorite on Fridays, to get us all together on the dining table,” says Selim.
Image Credit: Fatma Ahmed “Friday morning breakfasts are all about my family and spending quality time with them,” explains Ahmed.
Image Credit: Merna Abohola | “There is something about healthy and delicious breakfast food that makes your day more energetic. It has a boosting effect. That’s why I always make sure to indulge in healthy and delicious breakfasts everyday,” explains Abohola.
Image Credit: Merna Abohola
Image Credit: Ayten Hisham “Cooking is in my genes. I loved to do it, even if I don’t end up eating it. I recently discovered that when I’m not in a good mood, the food doesn’t taste as good. It’s the ‘nafas’ they always talk about,” says Hisham.

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