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Two Israeli Music Festivals Are Coming to Egypt Sparking Outrage

April 15, 2022

Two Israeli music festivals are set to take place in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula within days, sparking outrage among social media users in Egypt. The two festivals, Nabia Festival and Grounded Festival 2022, are being held days apart close to Egypt’s border with Israel, with both predominantly targeting Israeli. Nabia Festival, which will take place between 17 to 20 April 2022, is being held at Tolip Taba Resort and Spa with more than 40 foreign musicians, mostly Israeli, featuring in the line up. This is the first time the Nabia Festival is being held, with its website stating that the festival will be a ‘psychedelic’ experience. “We invite you all to become the first tribe that will take part in this massive psychedelic community that is currently starting to unite around the festival, receive the blessing of knowing where it all began and to plant a molecular seed inside this big tribal collective that will grow and expand into the infinite unknown kingdom of possibilities,” states Nabia’s website. Meanwhile, Grounded Festival 2022 by organizers We Grounded is being held further away from the Egyptian-Israeli border at Syn Beach Club in Nuweiba…

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