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Egypt’s Propaganda Posters: A Vintage Time Capsule of Past Politics

June 1, 2022

Propaganda posters were once one of the primary modes of information dissemination during the twentieth century. Looking back at them now gives you a time capsule into the way countries were ruled in each era. Egypt’s history, inundated with historical shifts over the course of a century, can be reviewed through its propaganda posters. Once symbols of the country’s shifting ideologies, they now serve as time capsules of what has passed. The Post-Colonial Era: Nationalism on the Rise Egypt’s period following its independence from Great Britain provided a formative time for the country’s nationalism to grow. Public companies and governmental institutions would often depict pride and strength when developing their national industries. The country’s growing nationalist sentiments would go on to reshape its long-standing monarchical politics. World War Two: Unusual Allies War makes for unusual allies. Egypt and its former occupiers, Britain, had joined forces during the Second World War to fight the Axis powers of Nazi Germany, Italy, and Japan. This propaganda, in development with the British Ministry of Information, intended to rally Egyptians for the war as a now-independent state – though British influence in Egypt continued to…

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