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Off the Bucket List: 5 Magical Islands to Visit in Egypt’s Red Sea

June 19, 2022

In the turquoise water, one becomes suspended in a tranquil moment, and all worries wash away. Whether your soul needs a scenic view – a sight for sore eyes, or you crave the adventures of diving and snorkeling in Egypt’s seas, here are some of our top island destinations to check off of your bucket list.

Giftun Islands

image via Transfer Hurghada

Considered one of the top destinations in Hurghada, Giftun Islands, which include the Giftun El-Kebeer (Big Giftun) and Giftun El-Sagheer (Small Giftun) stand unique with their turquoise blue waters. People visiting the island can enjoy the stunning view of the Red Sea, swim under the warm sun, snorkel, and also dive. It is a top tourist destination due to its proximity to 14 stunning diving spots. The islands can be accessed by a boat from Hurghada.

Abo Monkar Island

image via Egypttoday

Abo Monkar Island is an extension of the Giftun Island, and is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Red Sea. The island stands 45 kilometers away from Hurghada and can be easily accessed by a boat. It is a perfect spot for sightseeing, snorkeling, and diving activities. Abo Monkar is a short 45-minute boat trip from Hurghada.

Tawila Island

image via Study in Egypt

Stretched off the coast of El-Gouna, Tawila Island is a tranquil escape from the world. Housing sandy beaches and clear, blue water, the island is the perfect place for beach activities or if you’re looking for a quiet place to stay. The island can be accessed by a short boat trip from El-Gouna.

Zabargad Island

image via zubludiving

A Red Sea gem is the Zabargad Island, sitting with its surrounding reefs protected as part of the Elba National Park. The island is the perfect place for diving, bird watching, and enjoying scenic views of the surrounding reefs. The island can be reached by a boat or by hiring a cap from the Hurghada airport.

Hamata ‘Qulaan’ Islands

image via blueocean

Referred to as the “Egyptian Maldives,” the Hamatas Islands are found in Marsa Allam, fringing together Egypt’s beautiful coral reefs that can be seen through snorkeling. On your visit, you can find dolphins, martine turtles, and diverse biological habitats surrounding the islands. To visit the islands, a boat can be taken from the Hamata marina, and spend a few hours swimming and snorkeling on the islands.

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