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In Photos: Discovering the Dazzling Art of Sham’adan Belly Dancing in Egypt

In Photos: Discovering the Dazzling Art of Sham’adan Belly Dancing in Egypt

image via Facebook via Women of Egypt

Raqs El-Sham’adan, or Candelabra Dance, is the art of dancing while balancing candelabra on the head. Zeinab Hussein, who is known as Zouba Al-Kolobati and Shafiqa Al-Qibtya (Shafiqa the Copt) were some of the most famous candelabra dancers in Egypt.

The dance was originally introduced as part of the wedding zaffa (ceremony), but it later made its way to several stages in Egypt.

Although the dance is not widely practiced in Egypt today, it stands as one of the most challenging props to work with, as it requires precision and technique.

Dazzling the stages with their power and stamina, here are Sham’adan dancers from Egypt’s past.

image via ping
image via belly dance museum
image via maspero news
image via Facebook Shamadan Dancing

Hind Rostom from Shafiqa Al Qibtya
image from Twitter
image via Youm 7

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