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Review: Netflix’s ‘Because She Created’ Features 6 Fascinating Films by Egyptian Women

July 22, 2022

Earlier this July, Netflix released a collection of 21 Arab films by female filmmakers as part of its ‘Because She Created’ campaign. The films, drawn from 11 countries, range from short to feature-length, and are of various genres. According to the launch’s press release, the campaign celebrates the “beautiful, complex” stories of women storytellers, from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and aims to “amplify their underrepresented voice.” Here are our reviews on the six featured stories by Egyptian women, organized by year of release. Harag W’ Marag – Chaos, Disorder (2012) Score: 3/5 The story goes as follows. Zaki (Mohamed Farrag) and Mounir (Ramsi Lehner) star in Nadine Khan’s debut feature-length film as two men who want to marry the confident Manal (Ayten Amer), daughter of the neighborhood grocer (Sabry Abd El Monem). Despite explicitly rejecting Mounir for Zaki at the start of the film, Mounir ignores her decision and, through blackmailing her father, decides to make her the prize of whoever of the two wins a football match. Aside from Sayed Ragab’s narration and the playful piano transitions, not much gives a defining character to the…

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