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Explore Marsa Alam’s Dolphin Swimming Spots to Improve Mood and Reduce Anxiety

August 4, 2022
Courtesy of WildQuest.

The silence and stillness of the ocean conceals the spirited and rich lives of sea animals, who exhibit a wide range of emotions and expressions.

There can be so much more to summer than swimming in crystal blue seas; it can also be a time to be more aware of how animals share the world with us.

The ancient Greeks, for instance, portrayed dolphins in their art, music, and stories because they believed that dolphins were music lovers and danced to the natural rhythm of the earth. The Greek myths also usually presented dolphins as helpers, lovers, and as more merciful than people.

Even though the emotional intelligence of animals is often overlooked, scientific research has shown over the years that some animals can teach us lessons on how to express joy, compassion and curiosity. Scientists from the British Medical Journal have found that swimming with dolphins can help alleviate depression and improve one’s well being, and other researchers have found that the dolphins can also show compassion and love.

Surrounded by resort towns on the Red Sea and white sand beaches brimming with sea life, Egypt is not only a hotspot for snorkelers and divers, but also for swimming with dolphins to experience a different kind of joy in summer – a joy soaked in the spirit of the natural world.

The most popular dolphin habitats in the Red Sea are located in Marsa Alam, which are home to large families of spinner dolphins. The first one is Samadai reef, also known as ‘Dolphin House’,  and the second one is ‘Sataya Reef’, which is located at the south-eastern tip of the diving area off Marsa Alam.

The best way to get to these locations is through a private boat trip, which you can find online here or the Dolphin House trip.

Popular tour agencies also regularly post outdoor boat trips to swim with dolphins in these areas. There is the Red Sea Diving Safari which posts a variety of diving activities, as well as Nomads, which is a hub in Egypt that posts boat trips and provides a chance to connect and interact with other travelers for any questions or upcoming trips.

It is crucial to be mindful of the controversy around visiting marine parks that keep dolphins in captivity. Studies have shown that dolphins in captivity can experience stress and accordingly, suffer appetite loss, ulcers, and increased susceptibility to disease. Pools often do not provide the complex environment that is better suited for dolphins to allow them to deep dive or interact the same way they interact in the wild.

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