Egyptian Customs Authorities Set Gift Limit at EGP 10K per Passenger

Egyptian Customs Authorities Set Gift Limit at EGP 10K per Passenger

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Photo Credit: REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

Passengers to Egypt now are allowed up to EGP 10,000 in gifts (USD 513.6), explains the advisor for Customs Authority for Airport Affairs, Ibrahim Abdel Latif. This number, according to the Customs Authority website, was previously set at EGP 1,500 (USD 77) but was raised by the Minister of Finance, Mohamed Maait earlier this month.

In his televised interview with news commentator Lamees el-Hadidi on 19 September, Abdel Latif emphasized that passengers are also permitted to carry up to five mobile devices, but will be subject to taxation at 10 percent the value of each device.

Abdel Latif specified that this will be estimated in accordance with the passenger’s receipt; if there is no proof of purchase present, Abdel Latiff explains that an estimate will be made based on the current market value of each device.

“Everything personal is permissible,” he elaborated. “We intervene only when the limit is exceeded.”

Abdel Latif referred to a case wherein authorities seized 129 grams of diamonds and precious stones, at an estimated cost of EGP 29 million. He added that no efforts are being spared to limit similar cases, particularly those concerning gold, ammunition, weaponry, and jewelry.

Recently, Egypt also put a limit on importing alcoholic beverages to one bottle per traveler inbound to the country. This was in response to the common practice of purchasing liquor in bulk at airport Duty Free shops.

“We must adapt to changes in foreign currencies,” explained Customs Authority spokesperson Mohamed Ibrahim in reference to the old value limit of EGP 1,500. He argued that it was simply not enforceable, given rising prices, continued inflation, and currency fluctuations—especially for travelers coming into Egypt with foreign purchases.

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