Breaking the Mundane: 5 Arab YouTubers to Watch

Breaking the Mundane: 5 Arab YouTubers to Watch

From light-hearted comedies and travel vlogs to tear-jerking talk shows, these five Arab video creators have found in Youtube an outlet for self expression and community engagement. With viewership that surpasses 1 million, their channels have succeeded in building loyal fan bases through their interesting and compelling content.

In 2018, research showed that the number of channels in the MENA region rose by 160 percent between 2016 and 2018. Despite the rise of social media and streaming platforms, YouTube remains a significant player in entertainment.

To help you navigate the sheer number of Arab Youtubers, Egyptian Streets has compiled a list of the best Arab YouTube channels you should watch next.

AB Talks

Discussing feminism, mental health, and childhood trauma, AB Talks is surely one of the most popular talks shows on YouTube in the Middle East, with over a million subscribers on his channel and nearly 300,000 views per video. Shattering stereotypes and taboo topics one episode after the other, the Emirati talk show host, Anas Bukhash has managed to seep into some of the most hidden topics in the MENA region.

Each episode is a window into powerful, honest, and much needed conversations. Hosting celebrities – both regional and international – Bukhash’s show highlights human struggle in spite of fame, power, and fortune.

His opening line, “how are you?”, is a tear-jerker and a guarantee for an impeccable conversation.

Village of Wonders

For the conspiracy theorists, the rabbit hole wanderers, and the lovers of true crime: Village of Wonders is the perfect YouTube channel. Hosted by the Omani YouTuber Badr El-Elwi, Village of Wonders explores history tales and facts, murder stories and crimes, and hidden secrets of the world.

El-Elwi’s impeccable storytelling s is what makes his videos hold over a million views, and his channel over three million subscribers.


From HBO’s ‘House of the Dragon’ to renowned Egyptian director Wahid Hamed’s movies, Cinematology is every movie fanatic’s cave of wonders. This YouTube channel not only highlights movie and series reviews, but also offers a window into the industry, exploring direction, short-movie production, and script-writing.

The three hosts, Mohamed Abo-Soliman, Ismail Rady, and Yehia Hosny take viewers into the wonders of the cinema industry through their episodes which can often range from 10 minutes to 50 minutes. With nearly 91,000 subscribers on YouTube, people can listen to the Cinematology Podcast on Spotify, Google, and Apple Podcasts.

Survival Shaheen

Survival Shaheen’s audience live vicariously through his bizarre adventures. Egyptian adventurer and YouTuber Mohamed Shaheen takes the world by storm, exploring the depth of the deserts with a brave heart and a filming camera. Debunking myth and outlining guides and travel depths for those who crave a desert escapade.

Shaheen’s channel has roughly 26o,000 subscribers, and his videos get an average of 70,00 per video.


Egyptian script writer and content creator Eman El-Emam’s YouTube channel Espitalia is the one-stop-shop for medical information. Delivering informative medical and scientific content for over a million of subscribers, El-Emam has been chosen by YouTube in 2018 to be one of the ‘Next Up Mentors’ to help guide new channels towards growth and success.

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