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Spotify Wrapped 2022: What Did Egypt Listen To?

November 30, 2022

Spotify’s most-anticipated year-end feature, Spotify Wrapped, is rolling out the most listened to artists, songs, and podcasts during the year.

The Spotify Wrapped 2022 results revealed that Egyptian artists were at the forefront of the top steamed music in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, with Egyptian rapper Wegz featuring as the most-streamed artist in the region.

Egyptian artists including Marwan Moussa, Marwan Pablo, Essam Sasa, Mohamed Hamaki, Cairokee and Ahmed Saad also feature on the list.

Cairokee’s hit album ‘Roma’ has been listened to over 6.2 million times and Bahaa Sultan’s indulgent song Taala Adalaak (Let Me Spoil You) was streamed over four million times.

The personalized experience lets users take a look back on their listening habits, highlighting trends and artists across regions.

In essence, Spotify Wrapped is ready to reveal just how many times everyone replayed Wegz’s hit song El Bakht (Fortune), no matter how much anyone tries to deny it.

Here is a rundown of the most listened to artists in Egypt during 2022:

Egypt’s Most Streamed Artists

1. Wegz
2. Marwan Mousa
3. Marwan Pablo
4. Essam Sasa
5. The Weeknd
6. Abyusif
7. Afroto
8. Cairokee
9. Lege-Cy
10. Muslim – مُسلِم

Top 10 Arab artists in the region

1. Wegz
2. ElGrandeToto
3. Marwan Mousa
4. Marwan Pablo
5. Tagne
6. Essam Sasa
7. Muslim – مُسلِم
8. Mohamed Hamaki
9. Cairokee
10. Ahmed Saad

Top Egyptian Streamed Songs

1. El Bakht – Wegz
2. Etnaset – Muslim – مُسلِم
3. BARBARY – Marwan Pablo
4. Be’oda Ya Belady – Wegz
5. Aloomek – Marwan Moussa
6. Mesh Nadman – Muslim – مُسلِم
7. Akwa Mix – Telecome Egypt, Wegz, Ahmed Mekky
8. Ta3ala Adala3ak – Bahaa Sultan
9. Hadootet Almany – Marwan Moussa
10. Keify Keda – Wegz, Disco Misr

Top 10 Arabic tracks in the region

1. El Bakht – Wegz
2. Etnasest – Muslim – مُسلِم
3. Aleky Eyoun – Ahmed Saad
4. Matkhafeesh Yamma – Ali Loka and Ouzzy
5. Elghazala Ray2a Karim Mahmoud Abdelaziz and Mohamed Osama
6. Barbary – Marwan Pablo
7. love nwantiti North African Remix – ElGrande Toto and CKay
8. Magic – kouz1
9. Min Awel Dekika – Elissa and Saad LMjarred
10. B3ouda ya Belady – Wegz

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