Spotify Wrapped: The Most Streamed Arab Women Artists in 2022

Spotify Wrapped: The Most Streamed Arab Women Artists in 2022

In celebration of the voice and power of Arab women, Spotify unveiled its most-streamed Arab women artists in 2022. As a part of its most-ancitpacted year-end feature, Spotify Wrapped, the streaming platform rolled out the most listened to artists, songs, and podcasts of the year.

In this year’s top-streamed Arab women artists on Spotify, Egyptian singer Sherine was listed as the most-streamed Egyptian woman artist globally, while Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram was listed as the most-streamed Arab woman artist globally.

Egyptian artists including Ruby, Angham, Carmen Soliman, and Umm Kulthum were also featured on the list of the most streamed Egyptian Women Artists Globally.

As a part of EQUAL, Spotify’s women in music programme that came to the MENA region in 2021, there were several Arab women ambassadors. The EQUAL Ambassadors for 2022 including Egyptian rapper Perrie, Jordanian-Palestinian Dana Salah and Noel Kharman, RYM, Moroccan singer Manal, Nawal Al Kuwaitia, Iraqi singer Rahma Riad, and Lebanese singer Abeer Nehme.

Timeless and ever-lasting, Lebanese singer Fairuz topped the list as the most-streamed Arab woman artist in the Arab World.

Here is a rundown of the most listened to Arab women artists during 2022:

Most-Streamed Arab Female Artists Globally:

1. Nancy Ajram
2. Fairuz
3. Elissa
4. Sherine
5. Manal

Most-Streamed Arab Female Artists in the Arab World:

1. Fairuz
2. Sherine
3. Nancy Ajram
4. Elissa
5. Aseel Hameem

Most -Streamed Egyptian Female Artists Globally:
1. Sherine
2. Ruby
3. Umm Kulthum
4. Angham
5. Carmen Soliman

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