Community Makers – People & Places Collaborate with Campbell Gray Hospitality at The Med

Community Makers – People & Places Collaborate with Campbell Gray Hospitality at The Med

Photo credit: People & Places

People & Places, a next-generation real estate developer and community maker, has initiated a collaboration with Campbell Gray Hospitality to develop one of the finest Mediterranean experiences: The Gray Beach Hotel & Residences.

Over the decades, Egypt’s north coast has developed into a key seasonal destination, with developers embracing the finer art of hospitality. People & Places have carried the torch of North Coast hospitality into a new era.

“We are happy to partner with Campbell Gray Hospitality to bring ‘The Gray Beach Hotel & Residences’ to our North Coast flagship project, The Med,” commented Karim El Assal, Co-founder of People & Places.

“Through this partnership, we aim to contribute to developing the high-end tourism market in the area and create an authentic and sustainable destination that will add value to the hospitality scene in the North Coast.”

In merging real estate and hospitality, they bring soul into a largely untapped sector.

Photo credit: People & Places
Photo credit: People & Places

Announcing this collaboration as of 5 October 2022, People & Places bring a uniquely luxurious, authentic Mediterranean experience and pair it with refined British hospitality. This carefully curated project will be located within its flagship, The Med: an opulent coastal residence that aims to instill belonging, inspiration, and tranquility.

Saad Audeh, Chairman of Campbell Gray Hospitality, expressed delight to have landed at The Med: “We are very excited to collaborate with People & Places, to distinguish the property with our British hospitality proven legacy, and to make The North Coast the it destination not only for the Egyptian glitterati but as an international leisure travel destination as well.”

Photo credit: People & Places

It promises to be a North Coast trendsetter, with eclectic, authentic, and innovative experiences made famous by the Le Gray hotel in Beirut, Lebanon. The Gray Hotel & Residences embodies calming, contemporary designs symbolic of Mediterranean architecture, where soft architectural lines make every home an extension of the landscape; an art direction conceived by Alchemy Architecture. Campbell Gray brings forward British hospitality, and marries it to the authentic experience made possible by The Med.

Additionally, this project features oasis-like visions and sandy beaches, with fully finished, serviced, and furnished, single-storey, two and three-bedroom beach houses; with the Phase One already sold out, it represents the authenticity we all long for.

People & Places and Campbell Gray celebrated their collaboration with a launch party on 3 October, held at Prince Muhammed Ali Palace in Cairo’s historic Al-Manial neighborhood. This celebration marked the kick-off of the project’s first phase, with the beach due to open in Summer 2023.

Though the collaboration is a high-level hybridization of hospitality and real estate, People & Places have positioned themselves as believers in people’s impact on the places they call home and how their presence is what creates cultures, forges a sense of community, and shapes the identity of their surroundings.

Co-founder Nabil Amasha said at the launch event: “People & Places is a community maker, bringing people together and we’re excited about this collaboration with Campbell Gray to create a unique experience for the seekers of authenticity.”

Launched in 2022, People & Places are inspired by Egypt’s younger generations, and aim to redefine community building standards at the North Coast.

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