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New Year Resolutions — I’m Better Off Without Them

January 4, 2023

Expectations, ambitions, hopes, and goals — all set for the new year. But by the end of New Year’s Eve, all of these immediately vanish into thin air. As I study all the Facebook posts about new year resolutions that surround me, tens of unfulfilled resolutions accumulated from the past years begin to haunt me. So this year, when I felt that it might be time for me to set some for the year ahead, I immediately scrubbed the idea from my mind. New year, new me? Yes, new me — with zero resolutions for 2023. This year, I decided that having no resolution is a resolution in itself. Why should I start a whole year with so much pressure, and specific plans and goals, only to end up like a failure if I fall short of accomplishing them? Maybe I’m better off without the resolutions. There is no specific time or date for us to make resolutions to change our lives. If I’m suffering from a harmful habit, I can try to make adjustments and change it incrementally. If I want to adopt a new routine, I can explore…

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