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Gaza Strikes On Hold: Egypt-Mediated Ceasefire Begins Between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad

May 14, 2023

A ceasefire agreement between Israel and Palestine’s Islamic Jihad (PIJ) group, mediated by Egypt, took effect on 13 May – ending the five days of violent airstrikes in the Gaza Strip that began on 9 May. The latest wave of conflict, triggered by Israeli airstrikes, caused one of the heaviest displays of violence in Gaza in months. While Israel has claimed the attacks targeted senior PIJ officials, the conflict left 34 Palestinians dead – many of them women and children. The PIJ retaliated with several rocket strikes during the conflict, leaving one Israeli dead. Israel’s last conflict with the PIJ occurred on August 2022, also initiated by the former, led to the deaths of 49 Palestinians – 17 of whom were women and children. The two sides agreed on a ceasefire, also brokered by Egypt, with both sides promising to keep civilians out of conflicts. Officials from Hamas, Gaza’s controlling Islamist group, informed Reuters that Israel’s missiles damaged 940 buildings, with 49 beyond repair. The officials added that 15 residential blocks consisting of around 50 apartments were also destroyed. Israel’s attack, dubbed ‘Operation Shield and Arrow’, was met with condemnation…

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