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4 Local Swimwear Brands to Splash Your Way Through Sahel Season

June 21, 2023
Photo credit: Instagram account Sunkissed Swimwear

Sahel (North Coast) season is in full bloom, and to many, summer by the beach is not only about taking in the sun but doing it fashionably. In recent years, local brands focused on swimwear have been flourishing in Egypt to meet the unique demand of an Egyptian clientele.
With the intention of catering to all body types and providing women with myriad options, these local swimwear labels all have an ethos behind their designs. For some, it is sustainability. For others, it is inclusivity.

Here are four local designers that have been making the rounds and creating a buzz online for their trendy swimwear.

Sunkissed Swimwear

Sunkissed Swimwear was founded by two sisters, Sarah and Salma Elnaggar. Passionate about the sea, the sun, and the summer, these sisters found the inspiration for their brand from something almost every woman struggles with: a lack of options.

The international swimsuit industry is often lacking in options, with women finding that their choices are limited to designs that cater to a particular body type. Sunkissed sought to change the scene by creating swimwear that is timeless, made of quality material, and works for different body types.

Its designs include adjustable straps, ties, and supportive cups.

The brand’s ethos is to embrace oneself as is and forgo the beauty standards that society has set for women. The brand has both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits with a selection of varying designs.

To shop, visit the website.

Hadia Ghaleb by Hadia Ghaleb

Noticing a gap in the market when it comes to swimwear that is at once trendy and modest, fashion influencer Hadia Ghaleb decided to launch a brand that would cater to all.

Made up of vibrant colours to emulate the spirit of summer, Hadia Ghaleb features a selection of cuts and designs that work with all body types and fashion tastes. While it is an Egyptian label, it ships worldwide.

The collections also include scarves, swim jackets, and dresses with a variety of motifs to go with the swimsuits. The inclusive swimwear brand markets itself as one that serves both veiled and unveiled women, and those of all cultures, religions, and lifestyles.

The eclectic pieces also have built-in UV protection.

To shop, visit the website.


FUFA is a local brand that has been thriving over the past few years. Founded in 2014, it is as much an ideology as it is a clothing brand.

FUFA adopts a boho style influenced by all that is music, art, freedom, and travel. With Egypt as its muse, the collections released are destination-inspired. Created using sustainable material, the pieces are unique in that their patterns and designs are brimming with history and culture.

The swimwear collection is dubbed Fu Swim and includes sarongs, beach covers, bikinis, and one pieces. FUFA also ships worldwide.

To shop, visit the website.

Hydro Swimwear

Hydro swimwear began with the intention of providing options for modest swimwear in a manner that celebrates individuality while also ensuring comfort.

A swimwear brand that works for all body types, the pieces are created using durable and lightweight fabrics.

Founder Sohaila Salem told Egyptian Streets that the idea was born after she had heard several Egyptian women complain about not liking to go swimming. However, reading between the lines, Salem came to the conclusion that it was not the swimming its;ef that was the problem, but rather the struggle to find the right swimsuit for those looking for modest and size-inclusive options that were still aesthetic.

Each collection is bred out of a concept. The 2021 collection dubbed “Loveworthy” aimed to promote body positivity. 10 percent of the collection’s proceeds went towards aiding the treatment of burn victims in Egypt, through the Ahl Masr Foundation.

To shop, visit the website.

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