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5 Local Online Businesses To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

July 11, 2023
Photo credit: KAJU Instagram account (@kaju.egy)

As the world sought refuge indoors with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the online shopping trend surged.

Meanwhile, in Egypt, online bakeries and confectionery businesses began to gain popularity as individuals looking to distract themselves and not succumb to mass hysteria discovered their inner bakers and chefs.

As restaurants shuttered, Egyptians were forced to look for alternatives. Many turned to the online sphere where myriad online bakeries and accounts offering home-made goods were popping up.

Many of these online bakeries and confectionery businesses found success and continued their upward trajectory. While online business existed prior to the pandemic, the lockdown birthed a burgeoning market for these stores.

As the world started opening up once more, many of these bakers and chefs found themselves continuing to sell their products online as well as to specialty coffee shops and other businesses around the city.

These online businesses making innovative sweets that are fit for any occasion eventually made a name for themselves and found success that lasted past the pandemic.

Here are five online baking and confectionery businesses, some founded before, others after the pandemic, to satisfy that sweet craving.

The Creamery Cairo

The Creamery is the result of two best friends’ love affair with ice cream. Seeking to test the limits of all the flavours that ice cream potentially has to offer, two best friends decided they would fill in the gap in the market of iced goodies.


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A post shared by The Creamery (@thecreamerycairo)

The woman-founded creamery serves handcrafted ice cream with flavours like the Cookie Monster, Cinnamon Blondie, Strawberry Lemon-Mint Mojito, and a series of other tastes to satiate any palette.

The Creamery Cairo does both catering and delivery, and they also have a booth at the Hall of Selfies in Cairo Festival City.

Order through the website.


In Egypt, it is difficult to find restaurants and bakeries that cater to specific dietary needs. In a sea of processed sugar and gluten-filled pastries, KAJU is here to save the day.

KAJU is an online business that creates all kinds of sweet and savoury treats for sensitive stomachs. Making plant-based, gluten-free baked goods that do not include dairy, soy, or sugar, this online haven is for individuals that have a certain diet they want or need to stick to.

KAJU is not just a bakery, though, as they also prepare a number of products including pizza and burgers. The online store also has Keto options.

Their products can be found in The Grocer in Zamalek and Rbna in Maadi.

Order through the website.

Whole Slice Bakery

Whole Slice Bakery has a number of staples that define them: their banana bread and their tahini molasses loaf.

Founded in 2019, Whole Slice Bakery sought to create innovative baked goods by mixing flavours while still offering a selection of healthy items.


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A post shared by Whole Slice Bakery (@wholeslicebakery)

“I’d definitely say that baking banana bread is what I was known for when I first started baking,” founder of Whole Slice Bakery Hannah Altmann told Egyptian Streets in a 2020 interview. “It’s my favourite cake in terms of making it and eating it too…the logo of Whole Slice Bakery is based on my love for Banana Bread. [It] is also a recipe that I took from my mom and then developed my own recipe based on hers.”

The bakery sells its cakes in a few locations around Cairo including Sip café in Zamalek, and Blooms and Beans in Sheikh Zayed.

Order through Instagram.

Fluff Cakery

The bakers behind Fluff Cakery are masterminds of creative designs that merge flavourful ingredients with art.
While some of their creations are fun, others are elegant, and all are delicious. The bakery designs cakes for weddings, graduations, birthdays, and anniversaries.

A fan of Harry Potter? Friends? Steaks? The bakery custom-makes the cakes to suit their customer’s tastes, regardless of how wild.

While their main products are cakes, they also bake cake pops, cupcakes, and cookies.

Order through Instagram.


Keika Bakery is run by a self-taught baker who makes cakes and bite-sized dessert cups.

The bakery introduces different flavours depending on the holiday. Last Ramadan, it served Pistachio cups, kunafa, and chocolate pistachio cups.


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A post shared by Keika (@keika.eg)

Keika’s cakes are not only delicious but they are visual sensations.

Orders need to be made four days in advance and are based on availability.

Order through Instagram.

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