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Could the New Season of ‘El Le’ba’ be Egypt’s Best Comedy of 2023?

August 16, 2023
Photo Credit: Shahid Official Facebook Page
El Le’ba Season 4 Official Poster

Prepare for another round of laughter and excitement as El Le’ba (The Game), the beloved Egyptian comedy series, returns with its highly anticipated Season 4: Dawry El Abtal (Champions League).

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Starring the talented duo Chico and Hisham Maged, directed by industry tycoon Moataz Al-Touny, and brought to life by the writing of Ahmad Saad Waly, Ibrahim Saber and Mohamed Khattab, this newest installment promises audiences yet another light-hearted season. Adding to the excitement is the inclusion of the renowned actor Akram Hosny, who takes on the supporting role of Baseem.

Akram Hosny and Shiko in a scene from El Le’ba Season 4. Photo Courtesy of Masha Entertainment.

The story revolves around the lives of Waseem and Mazo, who were once childhood friends competing in a longstanding rivalry. With time, their animosity fades away, until the day that a mysterious individual enters their lives, challenging them with constant phone calls and missions, urging them to form rival groups and reignite their highly competitive game.

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The first season of El Le’ba premiered in early 2020, gaining massive popularity despite the relatively small streaming market in Egypt back then. It went on to have second and third seasons before the awaited debut of Season 4 in May 2023.

El Le’ba‘s success has been nothing short of extraordinary and can be credited, in part, to its interactive nature. The show’s captivating flow within and between game rounds has inspired viewers to actively predict game outcomes on social media, creating an exciting and engaging experience for its fans.

A scene from El Le’ba Season 4. Photo Courtesy of Masha Entertainment.

One of the series’ remarkable traits is its ability to capture the hearts of both young and old, making it an ideal family watch. Anecdotal accounts I have personally heard from Egyptian parents living abroad highlight how they use it as a means to keep their children connected to the Arabic language and immersed in Egyptian humor and afashat (jokes).

Beyond borders, El Le’ba unites viewers across various Arab countries. Egyptian comedy has long served as a common ground for all Arabs. Amidst the prevalence of what many consider “cheap humor” in modern Egyptian cinema, several of my non-Egyptian acquaintances have praised El Le’ba for its refreshing twist, reminiscent of the golden age of comedy in the 2000s.

Reviving an already successful series is no easy feat, as it demands maintaining the high standards earlier seasons have set. In this regard, Season 4 of El Le’ba exceeds expectations, infusing the comedy with innovation while staying true to the core essence that captivated audiences for three years.

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A particularly commendable aspect of this season lies in the well-crafted character development. In earlier seasons, characters were portrayed with somewhat one-dimensional traits, such as being stupid, angry, chaotic, or cringy, as they fulfilled specific roles for the plot. Season 4 delves deeper, making the characters more multi-faceted and avoiding simplistic portrayals in its storytelling.

El Le’ba represents a rare gem in contemporary entertainment, successfully bridging gaps between diverse audiences of all ages throughout the Arab world and among its diaspora. Its enduring popularity is a testament to its quality, and Season 4 continues to uphold the legacy of this beloved comedy series while introducing fresh elements that keep viewers eagerly hooked.

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