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24 Hours in the City of Fashion: Milan

September 24, 2023

  Before I traveled to Milan, nearly everyone I told advised me to lower my expectations — “Milan is the most boring city in Italy,” they said. I was about to go and spend seven full days there, so I boarded the plane, guarded, unsure what to expect. Yet, for what is famously described as the city of fashion, Milan represents much more than that. It is the heartbeat of Italy’s north; every corner holds a piece of history and a glimpse of modern charm. It is impossible not to lose oneself in the grandeur of its architecture or the aroma of Italian food that beckons with every step. In Italy, breakfast is sweet: one would start by sipping on an authentic cup of Italian cappuccino, paired with a croissant — flavor of choice. For those who desire a true Italian experience, Caffe Napoli — a gem from the heart of Naples, Italy — is a great choice. For those visiting Italy for the first time, beware of ordering a cappuccino after noon, as Italians think it is considered more appropriate to switch to stronger, richer coffee such as an…

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