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Content Creators to Follow for In-Depth Palestinian Updates and Informative Insights

October 23, 2023

“The first casualty, when war comes, is truth,” said American politician Hiram Johnson during World War I.

Amid the growing Gaza-Israeli conflict, it is imperative that audiences are truthfully informed of the realities on the ground and the atrocities taking place. Unfortunately, some media outlets have failed in providing consistent standards to their media coverage, and instead, have often perpetuated false narratives or unconfirmed reports.

Certain media outlets report that Palestinians ‘die’ but Israelis are ‘killed’, Israeli attacks are mere ‘blasts’ but Hamas’ actions are ‘terrorist attacks’, and babies are ‘beheaded’ based on unconfirmed reports. To do so would be to go against the journalist’s code of ethics, which stipulates honest reporting, fairness and disclosure of facts, and accuracy.

Fortunately, various content creators and journalists from the Arab region have vowed to show the world the realities that are taking place in Gaza — the plight that much of the world has turned its back against. Risking their lives — day by day — these content creators and journalists are slowly but surely exposing the bloodshed happening and illuminating the undisclosed truths.

Here are eight content creators and journalists to follow for in-depth updates and insights on what is happening in Gaza.

Motaz Azaiza | Photographer

Plestia Alaqad | Journalist


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Salma Shawa | Content Creator


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Subhi | Social Media Strategist

Mohamed El Kurd | Writer


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Ali Jadallah | Photographer and Videographer


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Yousef Mema | Social Media Activist

Wissam Nassar | Photographer


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