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6 Arrested Following ‘Mansouriya Party’ Attack, Interior Ministry Denies Fatalities and Kidnappings

October 28, 2023

Six residents from Abu Rawash’s Ezbet al-Arab in the Mansouriya area of Giza have been arrested following attacks on a party organized in a private villa in the area on Thursday, 26 October.

The party, attended mainly by teenagers, was organized by a local events company named ‘Pulse Productions’. Videos circulated across social media platforms of the violent clashes and attacks.

Reports on social media claimed that one person was killed and others were kidnapped. The Ministry of Interior (MoI) denied this in a statement on 27 October.

According to the statement, the Giza Police Department did not receive any reports and hospitals did not receive any injured individuals. Further evidence suggested that there wasn’t any gunfire or kidnapping that occurred, the ministry said.

Legal actions have been taken against those responsible for the attacks, the owner of the villa, and the event organizers for using this specific villa to host parties without the necessary permits. Further legal measures are being pursued against those responsible for disseminating video clips that contained “false allegations and inciting public unrest.”

After investigations carried out by security services of the Giza Security Directorate and people from the area, the MoI stated that the owner of the villa rented out his property to a local events planning company. Parents from the area noted that this villa is used for events for underaged young adults — specifically high school students — claiming that the music from the party was loud and that they requested to stop several times.

The MoI also stated that it is also directing its efforts to arresting four other fugitives and alleged attackers from the night.

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