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Luxor Readies for Annual Solar Alignment Spectacle at Karnak Temple

December 20, 2023
Photo credit: Explore Luxor

Preparations are currently underway in the governorate of Luxor for the annual solar alignment phenomenon set to grace the Karnak Temple on 21 December.

In this phenomenon, the sun shines on the middle of the Karnak Temple, streaming through the eastern gate, illuminating the sacred parts of the temple, and ending at the temple’s main pylon.

Expected to unfold from 6 to 8 AM, this annual occurrence, coincides with the advent of the winter season, the season of germination for ancient Egyptians.

In celebration of this auspicious occurence, the Upper Egypt governorate will host an elaborate festivity.

The alignment, a testament to the astronomical and architectural wisdom of ancient Egyptians, draws both tourists and locals in equal measure, captivated by this remarkable showcase of ancient knowledge and ingenuity.

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