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4 Egyptian Romcoms to Watch on Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2024

February is the month of love — and brings about a stack of swoon-worthy films to watch. Whether for those in relationships or those embracing their singleness, there is something special about watching Egyptian romcoms (romantic comedies) that everyone can enjoy on Valentine’s Day.

The Egyptian romcoms — especially in the early 2000s — were some of the most delightful films to emerge from the Egyptian film industry. Beyond the unparalleled Egyptian humor and — often — cheesy monologues: these early 2000s Egyptian romcoms offer the perfect blend of laughs, tears, and nostalgic feels.

Here is a collection of heart-fluttering Egyptian romcoms to watch this Valentine.

Short w Fanela w Cap (2000)

Egyptian heartthrob Ahmed El Sakka captured the hearts of a million Egyptian girls in his romcom Short w Fanela w Cap (Short, T-shirt, and Cap) (2000). Between forbidden love, strict fathers, and an epic love story between El Sakka and Nour, Short w Fanela w Cap is a fan-favorite.

Hob El Banat (2004)

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, hundreds of Laila Elwy memes flood the internet because of that one scene in Hob El Banat (Girls Love) — those who know, know. This epic chick-flick follows the lives of three women as they navigate love, loss, and everything else in between.

Sana Oula Nasb (2004)

In Sana Oula Nasb (First Year of Deception), Ahmed Ezz and Khaled Selim are two friends — and con artists — who decide to move to Hurghada after graduating from college to scan artists with their good looks and charm. Yet, their paths change when they meet two women and fall in love.

Abo Ali (2005)

There is no matched on-screen chemistry than between the epic duo Karim Abdel Aziz and Mona Zaki. Between Abdel Aziz’s belly-achingly funny one-liners to his swoon-worthy scenes with Zaki, Abo Ali is a must-watch film on Valentine’s Day for those who yearn for romcom with little twists and turns of adventures.

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