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Turning Air into Water: Egypt and Japan Unite for Sustainable Solutions

February 27, 2024

Egypt is working with Japan on manufacturing a device to produce drinking water from the air, with a capacity of 18 liters per day.

The Egyptian Ministry of Military Production announced on 25 February that its subsidiary, Helwan Company for Metal Appliances, is working with MIZUHA Co., Ltd, a Japanese company on the device via a joining manufacturing contract.

Mohamed Salaheldin Moustafa, the Minister for Military Production stated that the agreement is part of the cooperation protocol established between the Ministry of Military Production and MIZUHA, aimed at testing and enhancing the air-to-water device, ‘KuSui,’ within military production facilities.

The device’s name means ‘air’ and ‘water’ in Japanese, and it uses state-of-the-art technology developed by the Japanese firm. Its operation entails turning water vapor in the atmosphere into liquid drinking water, using an ion exchange system and carbon filters to sterilize the water, technology typically found in water cooling devices.

“If there is humidity in the atmosphere, safe drinking water can be created anywhere on the planet,” according to the MIZUHA website.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of MIZUHA, founded in 2020, Kishiro Niwa, explained that his company is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing devices for producing water from atmospheric air. The Japanese company possesses extensive accumulated experience in this industry, as well as a patent for using silver ions for sterilization. The company’s devices are characterized by energy efficiency, reliability, and high quality.

Helwan Company for Metal Appliances is an affiliation company to the National Corporation for Military Production. Established in 1962, the company specializes in engineering industries.

The water generator is a direct result of joined efforts that are over a year long. A sample of the device was manufactured at the 360 Military Factory under the supervision of the technical team from Mizuho. KuSui has undergone several development stages, as it was tested and experimented in various Egyptian environments, reaching a local component ratio of more than 70 percent, confirming its suitability for operation in these conditions. The water produced by the device was found to meet the Egyptian drinking water standard specifications according to the results issued by the Central Laboratories of the Ministry of Health and Population, as reported by RT Arabic.

These efforts were made to fulfill the promise of improving KuSui, making it more suitable for the Egyptian market, and doing research for domestic sales in Egypt.

Two protocols were signed in 2022 between the Egyptian Ministry and MIZUHA, aiming to cooperate in manufacturing water extractors and marketing them in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East, which Helwan Company for Metal Appliances has already prepared a workshop for.

“The ministry is ready to cooperate with private sector companies, both Egyptian and international, to produce new products and develop prototype products for their companies,” according to the minister, Moustafa.

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