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Hamas Political Bureau Refutes Claims of Egyptian Company Charging Fees at Rafah Crossing

March 3, 2024
Rafah Border Crossing. Photo credit: Ahmad Hasaballah/Stringer

Once more, news circulating on social media that Egyptian companies take a fee, in USD, to help Palestinians cross from the Rafah border to Egypt has elicited a rebuff.

After Egyptian officials denied such claims in January, Hamas made a statement denying that an Egyptian company is collecting fees at Rafah Crossing.

An Egyptian company called, Hala Consulting and Tourism, is allegedly operating a system known as, “coordination,” that helps Palestinians cross the Rafah border to Egypt, according to Sky News.

Approximately 400 Palestinians, including individuals holding dual citizenship documents, left Gaza on 1 March to Egypt. It is reported that the collective amount paid totals USD 1.3 million (EGP 40.1 million)

The head of the political bureau of Hamas’ media advisor, Taher Al-Nono, denied claims that the Egyptian company takes thousands of dollars to help Palestinians cross.”These are rumors aimed at defaming Egypt’s role, which is the only constant and strongest role in supporting the Palestinian people, these allegations are Israeli Zionist rumors spread by their agents and those who oppose the Egyptian role,” Al-Nono said on ‘In the Evening with Kaswaa,’ a TV show on the CBC Channel.

He emphasized that these allegations are meant to create division between Palestinians and Egyptians Al-Nono said, “Egypt has never fallen short in its support for Palestinians.”

Similar claims came out in January, stating that various brokers were using social media platforms to ‘scam’ Palestinians amid war, taking thousands of dollars to help them cross to Egypt, which the Chairman of Egypt’s State Information Service, Diaa Rashwan, refuted.

“These allegations are based on non-credible and unverified sources,” Rashwan had said.

“Since the beginning of the Israeli aggression against Gaza, Egypt has categorically refused to give in to all economic and financial profits to accept the liquidation of the Palestinian Cause or the forced displacement of the Palestinian brothers outside or inside their lands, in exchange for any financial relief.”

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