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New Round of Ceasefire Talks Resume in Cairo

April 1, 2024

Six months after the onset of hostilities in Gaza, a new round of negotiations between the two warring parties, Israel and Hamas, took place on Sunday, 31 March in Cairo, with the aim of reaching a ceasefire and exchanging hostages. 

A security source told Al Qahera News that the joint efforts and talks are meant to make headway in negotiation talks.

Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation reported on 29 March that the positions of ministers in the Israeli government have recently changed, as all ministers, except for the Minister of Defense, Yoav Gallant, and PM Netanyahu, advocated for being flexible with Hamas. This could pave the way for a hostage exchange deal with Hamas.

An Israeli official announced on Friday 29 March that representatives from Shin Bet and Mossad will be sent to Cairo for the negotiations. Meanwhile, a Hamas official stated on 30 March that the group is waiting to hear the results of the negotiations from Egyptian mediators before joining the discussion.

Egypt and Qatar have been playing a mediating role since the aftermath of the 7 October attacks and the consequent Israeli assault on Gaza. The two Arab nations continue to make progress in facilitating the negotiations between Hamas and Israel.

Earlier this month, ceasefire discussions held in Qatar, saw Netanyahu send an Israeli delegation to Qatar. However, Israel and Hamas could not reach a middle ground. 

Hamas had previously proposed a gradual release of all remaining Palestinian detainees in exchange for ending the war. 

The agreement called for a complete Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, and reconstructing the borders to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza. 

Netanyahu described these conditions as “delusional” stating that after any release of Palestinian detainees, Israel would continue fighting until “Hamas is destroyed.”

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