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Revolutionizing T-Shirt Production in Egypt’s Booming Garment Industry

June 5, 2024
Credit: Sokkar Mecca

There’s the designer’s eye, drawn to color harmony, artwork, and the dance of patterns and shapes, and then there’s the technician’s eye, which focuses on fabric textures, thread counts, precise measurements, and ensuring top quality.

One embodies artistic vision, while the other achieves flawless execution. But what if there was a way to bridge these two different worlds to create a space where artistry and production become one?

Sokkar Mecca, a renowned Egyptian sewing machine company, combined both worlds by organizing Egypt’s first ever live simulation event on 22 May for manufacturing polo shirts and basic t-shirts, employing the latest cutting-edge technologies.

As Egypt’s garment industry continues to grow, with exports surging 25 percent in the first two months of 2024, Sokkar Mecca‘s event was perfectly timed to capitalize on this momentum and help garment companies expand and improve their product quality.

Why are live simulation events crucial? 

Traditionally, businesses interested in t-shirt production have faced the hurdle of traveling long distances to visit factories. This logistical barrier not only prolonged the decision-making process but also limited their ability to grasp the entire manufacturing process without frequent trips.

However, a new approach in the garment world is emerging: live simulation events. Harvard Business Review suggests these events signal a shift towards the “experience economy,” where companies will compete by creating immersive experiences and live demonstrations that showcase their services in real-time.

Live simulation events go beyond showcasing products or services. They create an immersive experience that conveys information and allows customers to interact with lifelike simulations. Customers can see, hear, and even touch a variety of product options, gaining a firsthand understanding of what their final product will look, sound, and feel like before production begins.

“The visitors greatly appreciated the event, finding it to be a true eye-opener. They were impressed by the detailed demonstration of the production line, gaining a clear understanding of its operations,” said Mr Mahmoud Sokkar, the founder and CEO of Sokkar Mecca.

“The showcase of new technology highlighted its significant impact on both production efficiency and product quality, leaving attendees with valuable insights into the future of manufacturing.”

These events bring the entire t-shirt manufacturing process directly to the business, where they gain a comprehensive understanding through firsthand observation and a dedicated package that provides expert guidance and one-on-one communication with technicians.

Moreover, they delve deep into critical considerations when starting a garment business, such as cost analysis and machinery capabilities, which allows businesses to make efficient and more informed decision-making.

What are the new technologies being offered?

Holding the distinction of being the first to pioneer in supporting and advancing Egypt’s garment industry, and supplying it with the top-of-the-line global sewing machines, Sokkar Mecca is now offering the latest M9 and M5 sewing machines from global best seller, Jack Technology Co.

The M9 template sewing machine enhances production across various items, such as dawn jackets and formal shirts. With its advanced anti-thread breaking technology, the M9 significantly reduces time lost due to thread breakage by 80 percent, resulting in a 20 percent increase in sewing speed and over 17 percent improvement in efficiency and production.

Moreover, its 360° rotating needle bar enables intricate patterns and designs, ensuring precise stitching and perfect curved seams in all directions, thereby guaranteeing superior quality garments.

For consistent designs, the M9 also allows programmable pattern sewing, which ensures identical stitching on every garment to reduce errors and save time and materials, reducing waste and increasing quality and production.

To produce a variety of shirts with different materials, the smaller M5 offers suctioning function to reduce production time by eliminating the ironing and folding process. The smaller design also allows it to fit easily into any production line without excess space requirements.

All template machines can be equipped with laser cutting function, further decreasing production time by cutting, folding and sewing in one step.

Since sustainability is now a top priority for global fashion markets, these new technologies can help Egyptian garment businesses address this by minimizing material waste during the design process. This eco-friendly approach not only reduces environmental impact but also maximizes resource efficiency, giving Egyptian garments a competitive edge.

How Sokkar Mecca Can Help You

This isn’t the final live simulation event, as Sokkar Mecca plans to host more in the future. For updates on upcoming events, follow their social media and register online.

To ensure consistent communication, Sokkar Mecca welcomes clients to visit their showroom for real-time assistance, allowing them to observe production processes and test new technologies for their products, ensuring that the chosen technology is the right fit.

For further assistance, Sokkar Mecca also offers consultations and maintains ongoing communication with businesses to ensure lasting impact.

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