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Israeli Forces Tie Injured Palestinian to Military Jeep During West Bank Raid

June 23, 2024
Image Credit: Gaza Notifications/X

Israeli forces strapped a wounded Palestinian man to the hood of a military jeep during a recent operation in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin on 22 June.

The incident was captured on video and verified by Reuters, showing Mujahed Azmi, a resident of Jenin, being driven past two Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances while tied to the vehicle.

Azmi’s family recounted to Reuters that during the arrest raid, he was injured. When they requested an ambulance, soldiers instead strapped him to the hood of the jeep and drove away.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society also reported that Israeli soldiers blocked the medical crew from assisting Azmi.

The Israeli military admitted to the crime, stating that during an exchange of gunfire, a suspect (Azmi) was wounded and subsequently apprehended but that soldiers breached protocol by transporting the injured suspect on the hood of the jeep.

“This conduct does not align with the values of the Israeli military,” the military’s statement read, promising an investigation into the incident.

Azmi was later released to the PRCS for medical treatment, the medical organization confirmed in their statement.

Tensions and violence in the West Bank have intensified, particularly following the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza.

There have been numerous military raids, attacks by Israeli settlers on Palestinian villages, and deadly street confrontations involving Palestinians.

Since 7 October, over 9,325 Palestinians residing in the occupied West Bank have been detained in arrest raids, often in their houses or at checkpoints.

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