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Only An Egyptian Girl Will Struggle For An Education Like This

Only An Egyptian Girl Will Struggle For An Education Like This
The girl who chased after her dreams. Credit: Mohamed A Harty
The girl who chased after her dreams. Credit: Mohamed A Harty

This young girl decided to ignore the desperate and harsh reality that she lives and decided to create her own alternate world. From the garbage surrounding her, she collected a rugged piece of wood and placed it on long metal pieces and built a desk. She discovered a broken, discarded and old telephone, an outworn chair and slowly, her vision was becoming a reality.

Quickly, she went and gathered her books and her crummy, yet wholeheartedly cherished, school bag and sat down at her newly created desk. It may have once been a collection of discarded and lost pieces, but it was now her opportunity to a brighter future.

Credit: Mohamed A Harty
Credit: Mohamed A Harty

From garbage, this young girl in Mansoura saw an opportunity, through access to education, to make her world a better place.

Five million girls in Egypt have never attended primary school and more than 69 percent of Egypt’s illiterate are women. UNESCO found that parents are less willing to invest in their daughters because the girls are more likely to just stay at home or get married and move away.

This girl has stood against all odds, found beauty in the garbage and chased after an education that will lead her to a brighter future.

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  • Imane

    Can someone help us with some kind of info/details? So we can do something for these kids…

    • michael

      we should all help this fantastic girl,i think she has a vision for all Egyptian women,let me know who to help. Michael, australia

  • I’d like to make a donation and help her get into college if the editor can provide contact info. Thanks,

    Moe Kamal, Jr.

    • Hadear Kandil

      I would too, can we set up some kind of fund in her name? I’m sure plenty of people will like to donate once reading this story. The internet is used for all kinds of things, if there’s a way to improve this girl’s life and make her dreams a reality, let’s.

      • Imane

        I would too!

        • @disqus_BbC89FBcvu:disqus @hadearkandil:disqus @moe_kamal_jr:disqus

          You can always contact Egypt’s UNICEF/UN Women, National Council for Motherhood and Children and many other charity organizations/NGOs.

          At the moment, ES does not have any specific program or campaign to support people in need, but we do plan in the future to have something along those lines, where we highlight a cause and and issue and try to get people to donate to it.

          Thank you for your concern and willingness to take action.

    • julie

      Allah bless you brother

  • michael

    that little girl has shown the Egyptians people that girls can compete against men in education and contribution to her country, all Egyptian should help the situation of the problem in Egypt, I wish I can help her to fulfil her dreams, she is a LEGEND, god bless her. I admire her, she is really Egyptian patriot and not like the fake one of today.

  • This is a very sad story and unacceptable in an ancient civilisation such as Egypt is. Mustapha Tahir.

    • michael

      this angel got vision for Egypt lets all help.michael

  • Christina Webb

    Regardless of any ones religion…. The whole country should be ashamed

  • Kendra

    how can i find out who she is? rich Egyptians who are Muslim should be ashamed of themselves.

    • julie

      why should only Egyptian muslims be ashamed?

    • Madiha Lasheen

      Rich Egyptians who are Christians should be ashamed as all rubbish collectors and rubbish tycoons in Egypt are Christians.

    • Reem

      I think any Egyptian regardless of their religion should be ashamed, education is the answer for any child of any religion.

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