Egyptian Shiites Massacred in Giza

Egyptian Shiites Massacred in Giza


Sheikh Hassan Shehata's lifeless body being pulled into a police van.
Sheikh Hassan Shehata’s lifeless body being pulled into a police van.

In an unparalleled event, four Shiite Muslims were killed by angry Salafists in Giza. At least 3000 angry locals attacked the houses of Shiites, killing four and injuring 32. Five houses owned by Shiites were also completely torched.

The deaths came on the 15th night of Mid-Shaaban, a holy Islamic night for both Sunnis and Shiites. A top Shiite leader, Hassan Shehata, had been visiting the local village of Abu Muslam in Giza, when angry locals stormed the house he was visiting, throwing Molotov Cocktails and dragging each family member out onto the streets.

Sheikh Hassan Shehata was dragged in the streets after being stabbed and killed. Images showed Shehata being beaten and kicked as his lifeless body was being dragged for show.


The other victims have been identified as the 55-year-old brother of Sheikh Shehata and 45-year-old Abd Al-Kader Hassanein Amr. The fourth victim has not yet been identified as his face is too badly disfigured.

Nearby CSF (Central Security Forces) and police officers failed to intervene despite being located meters from the incident.

 After the victims were dragged in the streets amid cheering crowds, the locals dumped the bodies to nearby CSF vans, where the police officers simply piled them on top of each other.

Near-by police officers stood by as the incident unfolded.
Near-by police officers stood by as the incident unfolded.

Egyptian Shiites have blamed the Muslim Brotherhood for the incident, stating that senior Brotherhood leaders have been using inflammatory rhetoric against the Shiites in recent weeks.

Shiite activist Bahaa Anwar stated “There are not less than three million Shiias who live in Egypt and last Saturday during the Syria solidarity conference attended by President Morsi…Salafist Sheikhs insulted Shias and incited hate against them.”

On Islamic-run television channel, Al-Nas (The People), Salafist host Khaled Abdullah hailed the event and defended those involved in the murder. The host stated that the Shiites in Egypt have often insulted the Prophet Muhammed and have been attempting to convert Sunnis to Shiite Islam.

Popular Salafist-run Facebook page which has more than 640,000 likes, Life is Colored Salafist, also supported the killings, stating that those killed deserved it as they had been insulting the Prophet, his followers, and the wives of the believers. The page also joked and bragged about the incident stating “Hassan Shehata came to spread Shiite in Egypt, then the Egyptians came and took him to the grave.”

One of the victims being dragged in the streets
One of the victims being dragged in the streets

Conversely, liberal opposition leader, Dr. Mohammed El Baradei, condemned the attack as “disgusting” and blamed it on inflammatory religious rhetoric.  El Baradei called for the government and Egypt’s top Islamic authority, Al-Azhar, to take all necessary steps to ensure that the incident is not repeated and that those responsible are brought to justice.

These comments were supported by the spokesperson of the Salafist Nour Party, who stated that “the Nour party does not accept the spilling of Egyptian blood or the dragging of it on the streets in such a way. The images shocked us all.” The Nour party also condemned the attack and called for the perpetrators to be punished.

The government and Egypt’s ruling party, The Freedom and Justice Party, have not yet responded to the incident, but the Ministry of Interior has stated that an investigation has commenced. The murders mark one of the worst sectarian incidents involving Shiite Muslims in Egypt’s recent history.

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U.S. soldiers are to be deployed to Egypt

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  • muslim

    war of jamal…….. will tell u whats the right path. If u wanna believe something then it should be logical becz in the end Allah will side with truth… and you actually know the reality, tou are just hesitating to admit it just. i have read it and now m safe

  • muslim

    just one thing, as its a hadit that a momin ( muslim ) will be treated like an ugly goat……… look into war of jamal and you will know whats the truth

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  • This murder of Shia Cleric led to the down fall of Morsi and destruction of Muslim Brotherhood. God punished the Wahhabis severely.

    • ali syed

      WS. you are so right!

  • Shia+Sunni Unity!

    I’m astonished after reading some of these comments. The fact that some people cant even differentiate between sunni and wahabi mesmerizes me. Majority of the anti shia teaching have originated from Saudi Arabia. These clerics who have misinterpreted the teaching of the Quran and Sunnah have inspired the uneducated class of muslims to revolt and massacre others.

    In order to understand Islam, intellect is required which is clearly not visible among those barbarians in the videos.

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  • It is really disgusting and terrible act of human justice. The people forgot that Allah is the life giver and taker. No Muslim or non Muslim can take action by them self by killing innocent people. I mean the history is repeating it self, the same thing Muawia and Yazid did to Mohammad Rasulallah’s saw family. Killing his grand son Hussain as. and cut his beloved head of.
    Salafi/wahabi believe is a really a misconception and a delusion of Satan, founded by the British intelligence. the wahabi’s are saying that there were no Muslim before Abdul Wahib came and took with Ibn Tamiyah’s ideology. Believing Allah has a body, disrespecting/distroying every holy grave that even Muhammad saw used to do Ziarat/visit. The Saudi’s/wahabi clerics are even thinking about distroying the grave of Rasulallah saw. The say everything is shirk, while they are protected and licking the West/USA Ass.
    No other Muslim sect are so inhuman and terror loving than the wahabi/salafi’s. Just because there are other people who have a different opinion, that doesn’t give anyone the right to act like killing one.
    Muhammad Rasulallah saw. must be ashamed of his Ummah. nothing but wild vultures, dogs, terror loving wahabi’s, enemies of his Ahlhul Bait.

    • u shia prick… u go nd lick ur hizbul lat leaders ass…. muta doing, sister fucking, grave worshipping ass holes… hazrat muwaviya was katib e wahee…. hazrat abu bakr, hazrat umar, hazrat usman and hazrat muaviya r all in jannat ul firdouse with their frnd nd companion hazat ali… ridhwanullahi alaihim ajmayeen

      • Masud

        If we analyse your statement:-
        -Nobody allows sexual relationships with sisters.
        -Muta (marriage of fixed duration, in which after the completion of the contract, the lady has to pass the period of Iddah ( 4 months and 10 days) before she can marry again, hence it is not another name of prostitution) was introduced by the Prophet (pbuh) for the benefit of Travellers and soldiers etc away from home for long periods, this was later revoked by Hazrat Umar, the shia still consider it valid as they do not recognise Hazrat Umar as somebody who can change the prophet’s decisions which are always based on Allah’s guidance. Anybody using it as prostitution is definitely wrong and sinning. I am yet to come across anybody who has done a Muta.
        -Shia do not worship graves, they worship only Allah. They visit graves of the Ahlulbayt of the Prophet, as part of their love for the Ahlulbayt. Considering that Allah loves the Ahlulbayt, they believe that Allah is more likely to answer their prayers in the vicinity of these graves. And that the ‘Thawab’ for worship to Allah done there is multiplied because of Allah’s love for the Ahlulbayt.
        -Muawiya made a war (Siffeen) with Hazrat Ali in which lots of people died, shia think that both can’t be right, they think Ali was right and Muawiya was wrong.
        -Shia believe that Hazrat Ali was appointed by the prophet as his successor (Khalifa) for the purpose of governance of the Islamic state and legal interpretation of Allah’s laws.

        None of these things are crimes serious enough to warrant punishment by death and desecration of the dead body, by any law, let alone Islamic law which considers the unjustified killing of one person equal to the genocide of whole mankind.

        Unfortunately your backbiting (gheebah) against a community will dump all it’s sins into your account. And your support of criminals will put you among their ranks.

        You, with your rantings have only proven how Jaahil you are, in spite of being worldly well educated. Probably just blindly following somebody who has brainwashed you, some equally blind person with political masters whose only aim is to safeguard their seats of power, and nothing else.

    • this dead ass hole was cursing the sahaba and ummahaatul muminin… nd he deserved his final destination…. insha allah the earth wil b free from the shirk and kufr of filthy grave worshipping, mud crawling, chest beating nd muta’a doing cockroaches…..

      • Syed Zeeshan Ali Rizvi

        do u not deserve the same for cursing those who curse others? Aren’t you doing the same thing that you are condemning others for? You call him a cockroach, yet you call him such because he supposedly did something along those lines to someone you revere. Do you understand the hypocrisy in your action? A person’s character isn’t founded upon what they think, but how they act. One is the epitome of his/her character by virtue of his/her actions. It shouldn’t matter whether the individual claims to be sunni,shia,wahabi, jew, christian, etc… Character is universally understood to be a reflection of your actions. By you saying such, you are universally implying that you are no better than those you curse.

        “If I am not your brother in faith, than I am your equal in humanity” -Ali ibn Abu Talib

  • Anonymous

    God wl take reveng from these animals who dont believe on allah and his prophet Mohammed(SAW),message, and they don,t know what is islam? …….and the education of Islam..? A crying heart muslim…..

    • gilmer Brastner

      You are stupid also, or just idiot fanatic criminal pig ? Dosen’t matter in WHAT they believe , they are human beigns and should be respected.Crime is not allowed for anybody in this world, why the fundamentalists pigs have the right to kill innocent people ?
      They don’t know what is islam ! Now they KNOW , you can be sure, their familiy more than sure will convert to christianity or any other peaceful and non CRIMINAL faith !!!!

      • Anonymous


        I believe you miss understood the guy’s comments. He meant those who committed the crime shall pay the price here or in the here after. But he did “NOT” mean that it is ok to kill non Muslims.

        Gilmer, there are lots of bad people here and there, now and in the past. The People tend to confuse Muslims with Islam, and Christianity with Christians and so on. Bad Christians and bad Muslims doesn’t make Christianity or Islam bad.

        Jews and Christians have killed millions of people in world War I & II, war against Korea, Vietnam, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan. We do not condemn Christianity for the crimes committed by Christians, but the hypocrite western powers and Zionist Jews have always tried to tarnish the beautiful face of true Islam. Islam of the most humble person in history of humanity Muhammad (saww).

        Adam, Noah, Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and the twelve Imams who succeeded him have been sent to educate mankind and deliver them from darkness to the light of Allah (sw) God the almighty.

  • Ashamed Sunni

    I think Egypt is gone for good…. Such a waste of a wonderful country… ignorant and bloody barbarians….

  • Ashamed Sunni

    This is not Islam…. no man on earth has the right to conduct this kind of barbaric act.
    ignorant people……

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even know what to say to those who are actually happy about what is happening right now. I don’t know what’s more disgusting, the article or the comments I’m reading. You people need to be open minded…Btw I’m Sunni so don’t start attacking me…but seriously you actually like it when Muslims kill each other? You should stand up against this barbaric behaviour, this does not represent our religion. People like that…either Sunni or Shiites… do not even deserve to be called Muslims. And those people commenting with all this hatred…really? Is that what Islam taught you? Grow up!

  • i don’t feel bad for these sons of mutta Shia pagans because of what they are doing to the sunni muslims in Syria

    • Anonymous

      I hope you realize that not all Shia’s support mutta. I am surrounded by Shiite families and none of them accept this. Maybe get out of your cave and meet more people? Is this what salafists taught you…to be happy when other Muslims are killed and encourage such barbaric acts? Muslism don’t even accept such acts towards non muslims…your ignorance is unbelievable it hurts.

      Sunni Muslim

    • Anonymous

      I hope you realized that not all Shia’s accept that Mutta idea. I’m surrounded by Shiite families and not one of them accepts this idea. Maybe get out of your cave and meet more people instead of sitting infront of your computer screen and listening to the wahabis on youtube? I think your brain has fungus growing on it for thinking like that. Islam doesn’t even accept this kind of non humane behaviour for non Muslims. Seriously grow up…and leave your hate behind for a little bit.

      Allah yehdeek!
      Sunni Muslim

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  • Shi’as! Your cries do not affect me, because i saw you laugh when same happened to muslims in Syria! When same happened to muslims in Balochistan! Now you shed tears and recall muslim brotherhood? Look around you – we tolerated your insolences too much. Where was this brotherhood when you are eager to justify massacres of Bayda and Banyas? When you justifyu killing of muslims in Balochistan! You are not muslims and there is no brotherhood between Muslims and non-Muslims!

    • Anonymous

      You are insane.

    • Anonymous

      there is no justification for killing

    • Anonymous

      Dear Ahmad,

      I feel sincerity in your words, but you are wrong. We don’t laugh when an innocent person is killed any where in the world. In Syria the Jews and the west are using some of the people in Syria who might have a just cause to destroy Syria, they brought thousands of mislead Salafis and Jihadi groups and gave them weapons and money to destroy the only Arab government that the resistance movements in Palestine, Lebanon, and Iraq.

      Shia Muslims have fought the Israelis and the US for tens of years defending the Palestinian people. We have no hatred towards our fellow Sunny brothers, nor towards other religions. We hate those who commit barbaric acts regardless of the beliefs or religion they claim to belong to.

      We have mercy in our hearts towards all human beings, that doesn’t mean we are not willing to fight against evil powers that pops up here and there to destroy true Islam while pretending its to protect Sunnis here and there.

      Remember our common enemy are the Zionist Jews and there allies around the world. Let’s get united do destroy devils soldiers, the Israelis and their allies.

      Victory for true Compassionate Islam, and death for evil.

      Sincere Muslim

      • Indian Moslem

        I’m a Sunni Moslem.. but I do NOT encourage these sort of stupid acts….Both side have lost the Faith in Allah…they’re just fighting for their existence!!! You’re right…our common enemy are Jews and Israel!!!

      • ahamed bro…. dont listen to these filthy shia rats…. they phd nd masters degree in doing taqiyya(having truth in their hearts nd telling lies from outside)
        these filthy rats, mud crawling cockroaches, chest beating nd sister fucking (they call it mut’aa) they might disagree here…. but every street in iran has muta’a shops… wallahi they lie…. nd y r hezbul laat entering syria… tats none of their business… if shias wants peace nd luv… y the fuck r they entering syria from lebanon…??????????? only to kill nd rape innocent syrian muslims

        • Uncle Sam

          so you’ve been to iran and seen them? you’e been to syria and seen people with shirts on that say “Hi im shia and I’m going to rape innocent syrian muslims”. You’ve seen people screaming at the top of their lungs that they are shia and that they want to kill anybody who says they’re muslim?? REALLY???? HOW COME I NEVER SAW THIS SHIT WHEN I WAS THERE!!!!!….I want you to understand how stupid you sound right now. Bro, everything you know has clearly been TOLD to you. You haven’t seen or experienced shit. So stop spreading the bullshit thats being fed to your brain, and actually go outside and talk to people.

    • Jafar

      Just to clarify that ‘Muslims’ killed in Balochistan belong to shia community. Just search on google.

    • Belal Tamimi

      Look and see who is laughing now! Israel and the zionists are behind the whole thing. They are much smarter than you. This is how a little country controls your desitny as it has. This is why moslems are still backwards and suffer. Ignorants like you. Saudi and UAE working with Israel to do this so they can avert their restive population’s away from their own domestic, political and economics problems. This is how they stay in power. ARABS KILLING ARABS! Very sorry for ignorant people like you! DIVIDE & CONQUER

    • muhammad

      you are insane ahmed. shia too believe in Allah and prophet Muhammad so they are muslims and killling in balochistan are all shia muslim and for syria shia muslim have lost there life too so you better started studying before you open your lousy mouth as you are not aware of any thing just ur ego and pathetic thing taught by your seniors.

    • waleed abdul aziz

      Ahmed whatever is happening in Syria is totally a political issue which has been pushed towards sectarianism to gain points by the saudis and their master USA. There is no sunni shia fight going on in Syria, its the battle between world powers on one hand its US, Saudi, Israel, Qatar and Turkey on the other its Syria, Russia and Iran.
      There is so much propaganda going on regarding the attrocities in Syria. Both sides are accusing each other and no one can really find out who is doing it as its a war going on there. And there is no shia or sunni who support or justify killing of innocent civillians in Syria. Balochistan is the place where more shias have been killed by salafi terrorists then any where else.
      Please before making your mind do some research as this is the way of a proper Muslim. And Sunni Shia are brothers and parts of one body which is called Ummah.
      We must stand unite and fight these animals who are destroying our society.

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  • Reblogged this on Ned Hamson Second Line View of the News and commented:
    The worst kind of sectarianism – encouraging violence and mob psychology for political benefit and to distract from inability to actually run Egypt effectively.

  • Reblogged this on TheSlashDash.

  • it is mind-boggling to see what you do and think in the name of your religion…Egypt and its citizens are on its way to a dark place these days…

    • Anonymous

      Those who are doing this in the name of religion have all the support of the “humane” western powers the U.S. and Israel. The Jews and their western allies have killed Millions of innocent people in the recent history, and still they instigate wars here and there and support Whahabi and Salafi groups to reach to devious goals in destroying what’s left of humanity on the earth under the the banner of spreading democracy and supporting human rights.

      Even though, we believe that the light of Islam shall shine all over the world when the savior of the world “Imam Mahdi [af]” shall appear to fill the earth with justice and peace as it was filled with injustice and tyranny. That’s the promise of Allah [sw], may Allah [sw] hasten his appearance.

      Sincere Muslim

  • Dear Brother/Sister-in-Islam,
    As long as we allow the different sects, madhabs, silsilas and khanqahs to prevail in our call for unity, we cannot achieve the unity of the ummah. We have tried this in the last 50 years with the formation of the Islamic Council of South Africa, the Unity Council and the United Ulama Council and it hasn’t worked. In fact the divisions are getting worse.
    Similarly, when we allow the different teachings and practices of the different sects, madhabs, silsilas and khanqahs to prevail, we dispute the true teachings and practices of the Qur’an and Sunnah to such an extent that we don’t allow the true teachings and practices of the Qur’an and Sunnah to prevail over the teachings and practices of our sects, madhabs, silsilas and khanqahs, which we believe are correct.
    Thus, there is a lot at stake here. It does not only concern the unity of the ummah but it also concerns the true teachings and practices of the Qur’an and Sunnah, which is our “life guide” and which Allah (SWT) is going to use on the Day of Judgment to judge us. Or are we happy like people of other religions who believe that what they believe is correct?
    There are also other down sides to this unfortunate state of affair. Because of lack of true knowledge of Qur’an and Sunnah, we lack direction, organization and efficiency as an ummah at the local level and we don’t make the same kind of impact on world events politically, militarily, scientifically, socially or otherwise like early Muslims who had the true knowledge of Qur’an and Sunnah.
    My experience with the Muslim ummah in South Africa in the last 70 years tells me that unless we don’t establish the true knowledge of the Qur’an and Sunnah from a very exhaustive knowledge of the Qur’an completely independent of the Hadith and books of the past and present ulama and saints, we will never be able to progress in any direction.
    Therefore, in order to eliminate all the sects, madhabs, silsilas and khanqahs and establish the true knowledge of the Qur’an and Sunnah completely independent of the book of Hadith and the kitabs of our ulama and saints, I have written a book and prepared a blog to find some logical solutions. The address of the blog is In it are some relevant articles for discussion and some information on the book.
    AK Sayed.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t believe the problem is in understanding the book or the teachings of the holy prophet Muhammad [saww]. Any true believer knows that Islam is the religion of Mercy and Compassion and not the religion of cruelty as the Jews, and the western powers try to portray us. It is the Jews and the western powers that are supporting those Salafi groups to put off the light of true Islam.

      Sincere Muslim

    • Pleasing you should think of sotheming like that

  • Anonymous

    The blood of those martyrs shall not go in vain. Their blood will lighten the way for millions of blind folded Muslims in Egypt and all around the world.

    Angry Muslim

    • momo the bobo

      islam is a scourge to humanity….

  • Anonymous

    I hoped those ignorant Whahabi Salafis would have dragged the Israili aambassador in Cairo instead of lynching those innocent men. But, no those Salafis and their allies the Jews and west are after destroying our Islamic Ummah killing and butchering muslims in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Pakistan, …

    Mohammad peace be on him and his family is the messenger of Mercy and Compassion. Sheikh Hasan Shehata loved prophet Muhammad (saww), him having a different opinion of some of the “so called” Sahaba doesn’t justify killing Sheikh Hasan and his friends, and terrorizing innocent men, women , and children. This reminds me of the killing of Imam Hussein “Grand Son of the Prophet” and his friends in Karbala.

    May Allah (sw) accept the martyrdom of Sheihk Hasan and his friends in these blessed days.

    May Allah (sw) hasten the appearance of Imam Mahdi [AF} to fill the earth with justice and peace after it was filled with injustice and tyrany.

    Sincere Muslim

    • Hasan

      Very well said and I totally agree with your viewpoint.

      • Anonymous

        I totally agree with u. We all know what happened to the killers of the grandson of the prophet

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