Four explosions strike Egypt’s South Sinai and Cairo

Four explosions strike Egypt’s South Sinai and Cairo

Image released by local media of the bus carrying tourism industry workers that was attacked on Friday, 2nd of May, injuring at least five.
Image released by local media of the bus carrying tourism industry workers that was attacked on Friday, 2nd of May, injuring at least five.

At least five have been killed and 12 injured in three different explosions across South Sinai and Cairo on Friday morning, reported state and local media.

In the first attack, a suicide bomber killed himself and a policeman and wounded five others at a checkpoint in El-Tur in Egypt’s South Sinai.

A second attack, near the first and on the road between El-Tur and the popular tourist destination of Sharm El-Sheikh, killed one and wounded at least four. The attack targeted a bus transporting tourism industry workers, reported the Ministry of Health.


The third attack, which was confirmed by state media, occurred outside a court in Masr El-Gedeeda* (Heliopolis) in Cairo,  killing at least one police officer and injuring three according to health officials.

The man killed in Cairo has been identified as Corporal Abdallah Mohamed Abdallah from the Nozha General Traffic Department.

Security forces have heightened security in the South Sinai in expectation of any further attacks.

Fourth explosion

The scene of the fourth explosion in Egypt in the late hours of Friday. Credit: Al-Masry Al-Youm
The scene of the fourth explosion in Egypt in the late hours of Friday. Credit: Al-Masry Al-Youm

In the late hours of Friday, a fourth bomb struck down-town Cairo, killing at least one and injuring several civilians. The blast occurred outside Ramsis subway station and the Engineers Syndicate. According to security officials, the bomb was placed underneath a parked car.

Meanwhile, local media reports indicate that following the bombing, security forces raided the victim’s house, searching for any links to the banned Muslim Brotherhood. Family of the victim said that police used ‘force’ and that the victim has no links to the group which was designated as a terrorist organization by the Egyptian government.

Earlier this year, an attack on a bus carrying tourists in the South Sinai’s Taba killed four, including three South Korean tourists.

Egypt has experienced a wave of attacks since the ouster of former Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, with more than 400 security personnel killed in multiple gun attacks and bombings.

*Correction: An earlier version translated Masr El-Gedeeda to ‘New Egypt’ – this is a literal translation and the area is known as Heliopolis in English and historically. Name change occurred after the 1952 revolution in Egypt.

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  • euro

    Democracy is about accepting the choice of majority. What happened in Egypt (ousting Mursi) is just death to democracy in Egypt before it even could bloom. It’s a disaster for mentality and mind of the whole Egypt. You’re now in deeper sh*t than in late Mubarak era. You wanted to start something new, but you just…killed democracy and went even lower… Keeping my fingers crossed for your country but with Sisi’s dictatorship and murders you will not build anything new because you can’t build good thing on the base of killings and terror.

  • Margarete Hablas

    it IS smouldering and there is water on the street from fighting the fire…

  • Who

    Me thinks, the bus should be smouldering if the attack was today morning


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