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Egypt condemns US as ignorant over claim that military aid used to ‘crackdown on civilians’

August 3, 2014
A military helicopter over Tahrir Square in 2013

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned the United States’ Department of State latest comments on military aid to Egypt as ‘ignorant’ and ‘lacking.’ In a strongly worded statement, the spokesperson of Egypt’s Foreign Ministry stated that the comments of US State Department spokesperson Marie Harf showed “total ignorance and failure to know of current events and facts in Egypt.” The statement added that the Marie Harf’s statements were “unacceptable and unjustified.” “Saying that Egypt used ammunition [military aid] against its own people indicates a total ignorance of the facts in Egypt; meanwhile, Israel is killing civilians every day in Palestine,” said a statement by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry. In a response to a comment relating to US military aid to Israel, Marie Harf noted that there is a stark difference between assistance given to Egypt and that given to Israel: QUESTION: But when you – when the Egyptians were cracking down the civilian population earlier this year or last year, you quietly suspended resupply to them. MS. HARF: They are totally different situations, Elise. QUESTION: Well, why is it totally different? MS. HARF: Wholly different situations. Our relationship with Israel…

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