Terror in Egypt’s North Sinai As Dozens Killed

Terror in Egypt’s North Sinai As Dozens Killed

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Egypt’s North Sinai has witnessed one of the bloodiest days in months after at least 29 people were killed and more than 100 injured.

“Terrorist elements” launched these attacks on the Military and civilians after successful military operations against extremists in the North Sinai, announced Egypt’s Military spokesperson in a statement four hours after the attack took place.

The military spokesperson attributed the attacks to “the failure of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters at spreading chaos on the fourth anniversary of the great January 2011 revolution.”

The night-time attacks came in the form of car bombs and artillery by militants on police and military installations in Egypt’s El-Arish. Reports indicate military positions were also targeted in Rafah.

Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Meanwhile, in Suez, one army officer was killed a separate explosion. Authorities have not confirmed whether this attack is linked to the North Sinai attacks.

On January 25 2015, Egypt’s government had announced that it would be extending the state of emergency and curfew in North Sinai by three months to April 25.

The Islamic State in the Sinai released photographs of its fighters operating in the region earlier on Thursday. The photographs showed more than a dozen men dressed in black holding various types of heavy weaponry.

Photo released of ISIS  on Thursday January 29
Photo released of ISIS on Thursday January 29

The October 2014 attack

At least 33 soldiers were killed and 30 injured on October 24 in another militant attack in Egypt’s North Sinai. Ansar Bait Al-Maqdis, a terror group based in the region, had claimed responsibility for the attack.

The deaths occurred after a suicide bomber rammed a vehicle packed with explosives into a military checkpoint, killing the soldiers, primarily in their twenties, that had been stationed at the Karm Al-Qawadees checkpoint.

Hours later, three security officials were killed when militants opened fire on at a security checkpoint near Al-Arish.

The Minister of Defence has commenced a ‘large military operation’ in Egypt’s Sinai to locate and target extremist militant groups. According to local media, the operation had commenced with the targeting of multiple hideouts and areas using Apache helicopters.

As part of the military operation, the Rafah border crossing with Gaza was shut down indefinitely. Following the attacks, Egypt’s President also declared three days of national mourning.

The October attack was the deadliest attack on Egyptian soldiers since August 2013, when 25 Egyptian soldiers were killed in the border city of Rafah while returning home to their families for a holiday.

In July 2014, 21 soldiers were killed in an attack reportedly carried out by arms smugglers in Egypt’s Farafra Oasis near Libya.

In August 2012, another deadly attack killed 16 Egyptian soldiers in Rafah as they were breaking their Ramadan fast during sunset. The August 2012 attack led to the removal of Defence Minister Mohamed Hussein Tantawi and his replacement with Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, who came to power as Egypt’s President in June 2014.

Since the ouster of former President Mohammed Morsi, the Sinai has witnessed a wave of  violence, often targeting security forces.

A fact-sheet prepared by Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs put the death toll for terrorism acts which took place since January 2011 and until April 2014 at 971, including 664 security personnel.

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At least 29 killed and dozens injured in Egypt's North Sinai town of El-Arish

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  • Jim Radburn

    The Egyptians and israelis should form a stronger alliance to fight off the Islamic maniacs funded by Iran.

    Why should we help the Palestinians at all. These Islamic dogs were cheering and burning American flags and effigies ofour leaders in the streets when 9/11 took place. They love to blame Israel as being terrorists, but what does Israel have to do with the slaughtering, raping and kidnapping of those who want to be educated in Africa, Afganistan, Yemen, Syria, Pakistan and elsewhere. Islam is a plague which must be eliminated.
    Their whole goal in life is to destroy everyone who does not bow down to Mohammed

    • Izz

      Egyptians should form a stronger alliance with Iran to fight US-funded Israel!! That’s the way it is!

  • Jim Radburn

    The European countries, especially France, have to admit that anyone who follows the Koran is a possible terrorist. Tell it the way it is. Get Pastor Terry Jones from Florida to do speaking engagements and hold public forums to let the general population know exactly who and what they dealing with.
    Stop supporting the Palestinians effort to get their own state. Palestine is a terrorist breeding ground. Admit the fact that Israel is a buffer between Hamas, the PLO, Hezbollah, other muslim terror groups and Europe. That if Israel falls, you have no buffer to stop the Islamic hordes from overrunning Europe.
    These brainwashed Islamic nuts should all blow themselves up and get their 40 or 72 virgins, unfortunately, all they will get are maggots and rats to eat their blown up body parts.

  • Egypt/Canada/USA

    These coward islamist savage barbarians…..all these stupid idiots complaining about the army and the police need to SHUT THE F##K UP….this is what we have to deal with everyday

    • Paulo Neves

      Al Sissy is a terrorist NOT ELECTED in fair and free elections. Rabaa will be avenged

      • AnotherEgyptian

        What do you know idiot? Were you present during the elections? You promoting some terrorists to take hold of Egypt.? Are you a MB cell in disguise?

        • Egypt/Canada/USA

          Yes he is, all these rabaa idiots are a bunch of terrorist sympathizers

  • joe blow

    these guys were promoting the religion of peace man. Give it a break.

    • AnotherEgyptian

      Nothing to do with Islam, here, mr Know-it-all. Those terrorists are merely thugs in disguise exploiting the name of Islam to promote their thuggery club and to recruit naive muslims to join their umbrella. Plz go educate yourself. Muslims(us) are the first ones harmed from this. Remember the Crusades? do they all represent Christians? Yep, you get my point.

      • AnotherEgyptian

        Correction* to promote their thuggery club and rise to political power by recruiting naive muslims to join them (under the impression of being pious Muslim leaders, which they obviously aren’t!)

  • Minymina

    I’m waiting for some asshole to blame the government for this. I’m waiting for some asshole to claim these terrorists are actually freedom fighters. I’m waiting.

    • AnotherEgyptian

      I am waiting with you also

    • simsim

      Me too, but everyone should say it, not only the ass holes.

      • Minymina

        Ya, because it was the government who set up these bombs to kill its own soldiers?
        Do everyone a favor and kill yourself.

    • Paulo Neves

      You are right. The rebels are freedom fighters against a fascist, terrorist and putschist government

      • AnotherEgyptian

        Look who’s talking . Some idiot from some Latin American/Spanish country. What do you know about what’s happening in Egypt, Mr. retard?

      • Minymina

        Accept that when the so called “freedom fighters” make up 0.01% of the Egyptian population then they aren’t really freedom fighters.


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