Islamic State Claims To Have Abducted 21 Coptic Egyptians In Libya

Islamic State Claims To Have Abducted 21 Coptic Egyptians In Libya


Egypt’s Foreign Ministry is investigating the authenticity of pictures purportedly showing the Egyptian abductees in Libya, the Ministry Spokesman Badr Abdel Atty said on Thursday.

Twenty-one Coptic Egyptians were abducted in the Libyan city of Sirte on two separate occasions, only one week apart. Seven were kidnapped on December 31, 2014, while the remaining 14 were captured on January 3.

Pictures allegedly belonging to the abductees went viral on social media websites after they were published by a magazine affiliated with the Islamic State fighters. Those featured in the pictures were clad in orange, a colour usually signalling the captives’ death sentence by the group.

Late on Thursday, Egypt commenced emergency procedures to evacuate all Egyptian nationals wishing to return from Libya, reported state television.

Islamic State fighters have gained control of large areas of Iraq and Syria over the past summer.

Several Egyptians had been caught up in the militant fighting gripping Libya, which has recently intensified in measures unprecedented since the overthrow of late Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

Many Egyptians have been killed, while others found themselves the victims of kidnapping.

Unidentified assailants killed a Coptic Egyptian doctor and his wife in Sirte and kidnapped their daughter on December 23. The body of abducted teenage daughter was later found.

The foreign ministry constantly reiterates its warning to all Egyptians residing in Libya, calling on them to avoid any conflict areas. It also keeps renewing its travel alert to the neighbouring country, urging those travelling to Libya to secure a visa from the Libyan embassy prior to their travel.

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  • Scriobhaim

    These cowardly masked murderers are the feces of Satan on earth, wallowing in craven bloodlust and delusions of eternal glory to compensate for a fundamental self-loathing, a self-loathing born of their inadequacy and incapacity to cope with real life, real responsibility and real manhood. They wield their knives like phalluses, desperate to prove they are something more than the cancer on the face of God’s creation that they actually are.

  • Simon Stauber

    Ban-KI-Moon is Asleep Again? I suspect that despite his Smiling face, inside he is more like the daughter go Korean Air sentenced to 1 year in Jail for her cruelty to Airline employees en-route. KI-Moon opens his Korean mouth whenever it pays him dividends. Ugly little man. Before him we had Kurt Waldhiem, a Good Old Nazi. Face of the U.N., org. Full of Intl Shit.

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  • christian

    Hope that one day Europe and America will wake up! I’m European living in Egypt. From all people I’m hearing to respect religion and culture! But why when they are comming to our country they r not respecting our freedom? Why we r giving them protection to do wht they ant! Demonstration in London that aloohol will be forbiden. France to hide face! Stop alloe them to destroy our culture! Religion for them is only Holly book. Sex before marrige? For sure – she must be virgin so they will have anal sex. No alkohol? No problem we have hashis. Its patetic!!!!! If muslim dont like European life for what they are comming here? Stay in ur country and be happy. They learn us in Europe to respect u. Unfortunately u r not respecting us.

    • Egyptian living abroad

      Wow you somehow managed to be wrong and racist in the same post. You can’t make an argument by generalising and. Being a muslim doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not from a european country, there are lots of muslim europeans and if they think something in their system isn’t right and their opinion is that they want some change in there country then who the hell are you to judge them for it. Just as you have your right to an opinion so does everyone else, for someone who claims to respect other people you sure sound like you’re not respecting anyone with your narrow minded hypocritical ideology. The only pathetic thing here is you.

      • christian

        Muslim religion start on middle east yes? Europe ware christian yes? So muslim came to our land. Building mosque. How many churches christian built in muslim country?

        • Egyptian living abroad

          Not as many but that because there are way more Muslims in Europe than there are Christians in Egypt and you’re generalising because there are a lot of churches and they don’t get built as often because they just don’t need as many and people are much more tolerant than you are making them out to be, some of my best friends are Christians so stop making this seem like a war on islam and Muslims because it’s a war on terror and the last thing we need is to be fighting each other and isis so stop with this “the problem is out there mentality” and start seeing how you can change yourself to make the kind of change you want.

      • christian

        BTW why u left ur perfect life in Egypt? My husband is Egyptian and he dont think even for one second to left the country. He has great education and possiton is his job.

        • Egyptian living abroad

          I didn’t leave my perfect life in Egypt I’m just studying abroad for a few years until I finish my education, I love my country and would never think of leaving it.

          • christian

            Thats the point! I dont know enyone who will go to stuty in Egypt! U suppose to study in Cairo or Alexandria.

          • Egyptian living abroad

            The education system hasn’t changed for 30 years in Egypt and is in general pretty week, personally I think having a few people study abroad and get some knowledge back would do the country some good and get an idea of the right kind of thing gs we should have

          • Heba

            Kindly check this video to know that we teach Europe before going to your countries to learn from you
            And just question why you are living in Egypt??
            You need to know that..Islam is perfect but we as muslim people we are not perfect so don’t judge islam according to the muslims actions.
            Finally. .you are welcome to live in Egypt any time.

          • Heba

            And those Daesh group they are not Muslims they are murders. .try to read about Islam .. Islam is religion of peace..

          • Ingy El Naggar

            If our education is as bad as you claim your countries wouldn’t send some of us full scholarships

    • Ingy El Naggar

      If you hate us so much,why are you living with us? Go back to your country and apparently respect is not the only thing they need to teach you in Europe they really need to teach you english too.

  • libyan/canadian

    I have no words to describe this ! Im libyan and this is not humane , these people are destroying libya!

  • Edgar Allan

    Christians need to be evacuated from Muslim countries and given priority in immigration and asylum policies in the West. They are hated, persecuted in ways big and small, and their life is a living hell, but the Western media doesn’t care.

    • Egypt/Canada/USA

      I appreciate your concern, but we shouldn’t have to go ANYWHERE OUTSIDE OUR HOME COUNTRY!!! We have been in these lands hundreds of years before Islam even started. I love my Muslim brothers and sisters, but these terrorists are something else, they are subhuman savage barbarian scumbags.

      May God have mercy on these hostages.

      • Adam

        thank you

      • Ingy El Naggar

        We would hate for you to leave your home country too.. we have been living together in peace for years, anything that threatens the well being of Christians doesn’t just threaten Christians, but Muslims as well.

    • Adam

      Most Egyptian people are living in hell . it is not about religion. it is about injustice and oppression . and thank you Egypt Canada Usa. because of your wonderful reply .i am proud of you .

    • cmjcj2k

      Hate to break it to you, but muslims are the only ones being given high immigration priority in the west.

    • Ingy El Naggar

      Egypt is going through a rough time right now and even though our government is doing everything it can to secure our safety, our country is still not that stable. It is not a matter of religion, for us blood is blood. We don’t have anything to do with those terrorists who claim that they’re fighting in the name of god and Islam. Us, Christians and Muslims, have been living together as one for years, now is not the time to part.


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